Making Pool time Merrier

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorHow much we desire to go back to our childhood days when we used to go to our villages on vacations and enjoy swimming in the ponds/lakes, while muddling around with sand and mud. Every wet foot marks that we left behind on the sand/soil has sort of imprinted in our hearts so deep that we desire to have our own lake/pond at our home to recall those merry days. But we city dwellers do not have this luxury. But with the increasing demand for pools in not just luxurious but also affordable real estate projects and increasing
number of hotels/resorts, the swimming pool market globally is witnessing a profound increase.

It is predicted that the global swimming pool market will grow at a CAGR of 3.91 percent between 2017-2021. Introduction of technology will also play an eminent role in taking this number higher. Features like dazzling, multicolour LED lighting, chlorine-free purification, autoclean, time & water saving antimicrobial filters, increase in ease & performance, one-touch control, and much more are all in their pathways to transform our swimming experience.

Looking at this growing market, we at siliconindia Consultants bring to you ‘10 Most Promising Swimming Pool Consultants – 2020’. The issue focuses on companies that offer not just consulting services but also takes charge of making your swimming pool in the most customized way while handling the maintenance like a pro. Using their decades of experience and expertise, these companies have served clients globally and cemented long standing relationships. Read to know more about them.
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