North Bengaluru, Where the Soul is..

The housing sector in India quickly adopted to digitalization and innovation and witnessed a demand shift with buyers looking for best-in-class amenities. With the steady performance and quick revival, the real estate sector regained the buyer's and investor's trust and further picked up the growth momentum. According to the Knight Frank report titled 'Real Estate Outlook 2022', India's realty sector is showing signs of healthy growth in 2022.

Particularly, Bengaluru has shown tremendous leaps to furnish customers with a 'home', and not just a house. Right from close-to-nature housing to luxury apartments and villas, Bengaluru has the modern touch to a 'down to earth' lifestyle that people seek to escape from a busy schedule.

The housing sector was quick to adopt digitalization and innovation and also witnessed a demand shift where offerings with best-in-class amenities became the most sought-after choice of buyers. Despite the devastating 2nd wave of COVID-19, Indian residential real estate staged a big comeback in 2021. In 2022, the launch and sale of residential housing units are expected to see satisfactory growth while the property prices may increase by 5-8% in the New Year, according to Anarock research.

While concerns over the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic loom large, India has picked up the pace of vaccinations, which could provide comfort and thereby impacting the economy in a positive way. The government seems better prepared to deal with situations arising from this pandemic, and avoid any large-scale lockdowns that hurt the economy. Buying a house is the ultimate life goal for many and this pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of owning one. It is therefore expected that the homebuyer confidence in Bengaluru's residential market will continue to be strong. With developers offering multiple payment options, low interest rate regime and discounts which influence the buyer decision, the aspiration to own a home in Bengaluru continues to be strong.

This edition brings forth some of the rising stars in the Residential Realty arena of the North Bengaluru region. Erecting some of the most popular and probably awaited spaces, these list of developers have truly defined affordable housing without comprising the luxury and comfort one seeks in the silicon valley of India.

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