Sustainable Construction & Love for Green is the next Breakthroughs in Real Estate

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorIf you think there is no connection between technology/startups and real estate, Bangalore will prove you wrong. According to Ashish Puravankara, President, CREDAI Bengaluru, technology and startups in the city is creating more jobs, thus boosting the housing market. It’s commendable that the housing sales rose by 80 percent in the first quarter of 2019 against the same period in 2017, and the unsold stock declined by 44 percent while the fresh supply went up by 39 percent during the same period.

With new policies like RERA, and reduced GST, the demand will further
peak on the region. But while I talk to many potential buyers/investors, the one thing that most of them vouch is the fear of ‘Zero Day’, which is why they are in a flux to decide on the investment. Few of them have invested in alternate destinations to secure their future. This indeed should be the point of concern for every builder in their present and future projects. Eco-friendly construction materials, rain water harvesting, and STPs aren’t enough to counter this growing fear that’s covering the city with each passing day. We need to come up with innovative solutions and methods to save water, environment and the beauty of the city, which was once called the city of lakes and gardens.

In the next few years, the city will see an increasing number of first gen techies bidding adieu to their professional term and seeking for a retirement friendly abode. The city has to prepare itself to serve such large population and builders need to ensure that alongside the new-gen needs, they perfectly gel the senior’s requirements too. Our current edition of siliconindia Real Estate Awards, Bengaluru – 2019 rightly honours such builders in the city who are working towards not just creating a sustainable ecosystem, but constructing some of the most fabulous infrastructures that addresses everyone’s need appropriately. Read to know more about them.
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