• Spectra Constructions: Bringing People Closer to Nature
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    Spectra Constructions: Bringing People Closer to Nature

    It takes colossal blessing to have good old memories on the terrace of your childhood home - your own private world. The inhabitants of college hostels would know it even better. The moments we shared on the rooftops of hostels - the never ending party nights, the thoughtful nights facing the dark sky, and waking straight up to the sunshine are often the memories that remind us we once ‘lived’ our lives. But when the apartment culture slowly barged in, everything boiled down to a tiny balcony! Maybe it’s worth having tea there, but definitely not the aforementioned memories. The aftermath is unbelievably tuned to even the drastic deficiency of the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reports a prevalence of 80-90 percent Vitamin D...


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