PropertyAngel: Delivering Excellence & Transparency to Maximize Property Occupancy Rates

  Sapna Chandiramani & Rahul Pai,  Co-Founders & Directors

Sapna Chandiramani
Co-Founders & Directors

It’s a conundrum which many property owners face today, the choice of either renting-out or selling a property. Finding the right tenant is like walking a tight rope, where owners have to invest a lot of their time, energy and investments. Thus, property management service providers simplify property ownership and maximize returns while maintaining property affairs prudently. To cognate such attempts to practice, Bangalore-based Property Angel Management Ltd. has established itself as the simplified, transparent and most trusted Property Management company in the city Having a rich history with seasoned & professional promoters running the business and a solid presence in the real estate business, the company has achieved leadership status in its category within a short span.

Staying Focused on Customer Delight
PropertyAngel focuses across various property segments and has established itself under strong stanchions of excellence and trust with its services that include Inventory Management, Tenancy Management, and Financial Management. “Quoting Jeff Bezos’ famous line: ‘The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works’. This exactly is our vision of delivering excellence and transparency,” quotes Sapna Chandiramani, Co-Founder & Director, PropertyAngel. Besides
individual house-owners & tenants, Property Angel has bagged some of the most trusted names in the industry as its tenants, including multinationals such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Singapore Airlines, Incadea, YG Korea, BrownTree, Jetking, Indian Oil, State Bank of India, CMS Computers, Uniworld, CISCO, and many more.

"Staying focussed on customer experience to grow its business organically, rather than seeking equity funding, Property Angel is an economic marvel in itself"

Staying focussed on customer experience to grow its business organically, rather than seeking equity funding, PropertyAngel is an economic marvel in itself. It has witnessed posi
tive cash-flow since the day-1,owing to its up-scaled services and initiatives. Right from searching an apt tenant to providing the best price and maintaining the property throughout the engagement, the company under takes all with zero commission charged to tenants, which maximizes occupancy rates. Moreover, tenants get a professionally cleaned property with detailed inventory under professional terms, minimizing the risk of unnecessary deductions in their deposit when they vacate. Also, discounts are offered in partnerships with firms such as GrabonRent and EZMove. The company also has tied-up with market giant Quikr in 2019, to further enhance its offerings.

The Triad of Services
Property Angel’s Inventory Management services include taking stock of the fittings, reviewing the general state of the property through a detailed audit when the tenant vacates, and accounting for any discrepancy. Likewise, Tenancy Management includes finding, verifying, and negotiating with tenants for the agreements, renewals, and exit process. All these are undertaken keeping in mind the privacy of the owners. Finally, the Financial
the Financial Management includes rent & deposit collection, managing approvals, vendor payments, and sending detailed reports to owners, along with timely rent payments.

Rahul Pai, Co-Founders & Directors

These services are further aided by technology, including a ‘remote control’ apparatus, which is at the owner’s disposal to effectively manage properties. Extending the technological reach, dedicated applications are built on open source systems to enhance the reach of owners, tenants, and managers. These apps work on real time basis, since the data generated brings analysis and prediction to the platform to increase the occupancy rate. Further, the closely-knit network of dedicated agents help Property Angel build the expertise across local areas, thereby ensuring better satisfaction. Further more, an annual event called ‘Yes, Brokers’ also significantly helps the company nurture its relationship with brokers.

Furthering the Initiative
PropertyAngel is bringing in a defacto model to manage investment and rental properties for all the stakeholders. The company is critically examining and catering to this segment, there by registering a 100 percent growth year-on-year. The aftermath of this sunshine industry is all set to witness technological advancements and players, yet only a few, who will engage with customers at a greater level, shall survive.