Q3 Technologies: Enabling Digital Business Transformation

Anuj Mathur,Founder & CEO

Anuj Mathur

Founder & CEO

The redundancy of the existing IT infrastructure often questions the integrity and sustainability of any business. Paving ways for a practical approach, CIOs at present are walking the extra mile by revamping the entire operations and are opening doors to the so called buzzword 'digital transformation', resulting in continuous improvement of the overall efficiency of the business. The question here is that, are they doing it right?

Businesses across industries have always been susceptible to change. In fact, the digital revolution is evolving quite rapidly by creating a disruption in the entire ecosystem. And, technology always comes with a lot of challenges and opportunities that need to be regulated. The recent discussion with Anuj Mathur, Founder & CEO, Q3 Technologies, gives us a holistic approach to how the company is adding a positive impact in the space.

“The digital transformation in itself is a journey. Technically everything the business undergoes in the front end operations has its ramifications. And, this has to be integrated to the backend to sustain the overall effort. So when you look at this entirely you got to look at companies like Q3 because we have the experience for over two decades in supporting the backend operations across industries, where we have enriched the architecture and the design aesthetics of ERP, SCM, and CRM systems among others. Also, in addition to this, we are fragile, nimble and responsive enough to have everything else in the front end and be able to take companies through this digital journey”.

Smart Solutions for Smart Enterprises
Founded in 1991, and incorporated in 1996,Q3 was started in the US, Massachusetts,and during this particular phase the company was
into software development and consulting space. As time progressed, in 2005 the company expanded its wing in India, Gurgaon. Speaking about the journey till date, Anuj says, “We have not diluted our selves in all these years. As a technology company, we have continued to stay with the times ahead of the curve and there fore continued to be very relevant in the industry”.

As a technology company,we have continued to stay with the times ahead of the curve and therefore continued to be very relevant in the industry

Over the years, Q3 has carved a niche in the IT segment by providing innovative solutions and services to its clients across the globe. One of these includes the Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, which was developed by Q3 for a leading provider of industrial and consumer electronics products in India. As a result of Q3's innovative solution, the client witnessed an increase in distribution width, attained clear visibility of the expenses, allowed tracking of the sales reps on-the-go, made sales team more efficient, enhanced the gap analysis on dealers, distributors, sales visits and many more. Also, most important of all, the platform collected the data to draw inferences using machine learning, thereby enabling sales representatives to meet their targets.

Small is Beautiful
From less than 50 member team in two locations in 2005, at present, Q3 has over 500 people in five locations, globally. Elaborating on the growth strategy of the company and giving us the analogy, Anuj mentions, "Scalability is like building blocks. You put a block in place, you learn. You build the next block in place, you learn. How ever, if you leave the concept of the building blocks aside and try to scale fast, you’re bound to fall. So, if you continue to apply the logic of building blocks and continue to scale logically and correctly, the business is bound to sustain on a long run. And, this is what we’ve have done”.
Q3 is expanding rapidly at the moment and revenue wise they have been growing x15 times. Elaborating on the road map, Anuj enthusiastically concludes,“A lot of cutting edge work has been incorporated into our digital initiatives. We will always remain customer centric in our approach by keeping our setup small across geographies. Most important of all,we will continue to serve our clients just like we’ve been in the past.”

Key Management
Anuj Mathur, CEO
Anuj has over 25 years of experience in the leading technology driven organizations and has managed large software development efforts for enterprise product development. He started his career as a software engineer at Adina R&D, Inc. in Massachusetts and was instrumental in developing one of the first 3D finite element mesh generation engines for Computational Fluid Dynamics. Also, he was later involved with a team of leading engineers from MIT in developing an Artificial Intelligence Engine for Engineering Design – software that was used at major Aerospace companies like Boeing, Lockheed and United Technologies for designing aerospace components.

Over the years, Anuj has served in various senior and executive management roles in Engineering and Development of Stone and Webster, prescient Technologies, Work group Technology Corporation and Hitachi. As head of Engineering at Hitachi Computer Products America, Anuj was leading a team of software developers from Japan, USA and India to deliver industry leading EAI and EJB platforms for Hitachi to its global customers.

More than anything, Anuj has been instrumental in Q3's growth and has provided the strategic vision and direction to the company.

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