Aashir Engineering: A Top-Notch BIM Studio in the AEC Industry

Hiren Arvindbhai Patel, Managing Director

Hiren Arvindbhai Patel

Managing Director

Right from planning, design, construction till overall management, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the most vital process in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry to analyze all characteristics of a project both physically and digitally way before its execution. With the right modifications in design development process, quantity take-off, documentation, execution and other processes, BIM can present a cost effective and efficient construction journey to various organizations. Yet, there lies a great need for BIM services providers in the AEC space that can adeptly coordinate its stakeholders, and simultaneously reach the project’s deadlines.

Serving this need is Aashir Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (AEPL),a BIM service based firm in the AEC industry that has devised all its working methods and processes in line with clients’ satisfaction and benefits. Operating as Aashir BIM Studio since September 2015, the firm ensures a healthy communication between clients, architects, consultants, and contractors, while delivering a well coordinated and clash free model to clients. Most importantly, AEPL stays in conformance with the project’s requirement, accuracy, timeline, and perfection. Hiren Arvindbhai Patel, Managing Director, AEPL, narrates, “Our clients’ satisfaction is our chief motto and to achieve this, we work as a family. Saving time and material is a hidden benefit for the country’s growth, where imaginations to execution goes on with integration”.
Under the vast bracket of BIM, AEPL provides Architecture, MEPF, Structure, Clash Detection & Coordination, BOQ (Bill of Quantity) and GFC (good for construction) services for projects spanning 50,000 - 15,00,000 sq.ft. of area. With GFC as its flagship service, the firm creates drawings that impart exemplary quality along with smart & 3D view annotation. These drawings effectively help in visualization, understanding and execution of projects at site for the contractors or project managers. Even the site workers can visualize the construction work way before it starts, thus evading the future facility operation & maintenance costs.

Post framing an internal deadline for each project, AEPL erects an informative 3D parametric model for design development while coordinating various elements

An Absolute Team Effort!

Post framing an internal deadline for each project, AEPL erects an informative 3D parametric model for design development while coordinating various elements like quantity take off, clash detection, documentation & GFC drawings, construction sequencing, as-built modeling and 4D analysis. Besides, the firm assures to conduct regular joint meetings, raise RFIs and offer solutions to resolve any concern/query at the initial stage itself. For a smooth project execution, it has also established a transparent communication system, where in all working teams are connected over a common platform, and stay abreast of the work progress.

This way, AEPL excels in saving time and material wastage that usually occurs at the construction stage. Hiren adds, “It is basically a team effort of our qualified & experienced staff, wherein each person is treated as a family member. We always support each other and bring out the best in each individual”. Today, AEPL’s team is proud to have executed a spectrum of projects such as corporate offices, mixed use buildings, and large scale projects like airports, hospitals, hotels and others.

Incorporated as a utility consultant cum contractor for industrial & domestic utility works in 1989, AEPL has grown as a leader in the BIM service space. The firm constantly adopts newfangled technologies, systems, and advance utility products to answer clients’ ever changing requirements. AEPL also aspires to leverage novel innovations like Facility Management, Dynamo BIM modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and BIM with VR technology for realistic visualization, design, and working process simplification.