Adarsh Group: Redefining Millennial Lifestyle

BM Jayeshankar,Chairman and Managing Director

BM Jayeshankar

Chairman and Managing Director

The growing Indian economy, technological advancements and series of reformatory measures have resulted in a transformed real estate sector. It is now facing a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, inviting developers to blend cement and sand with innovations, futuristic sustainable designs, methodologies, and latest construction technologies.

The sector is expected to reach a market size of $1 trillion by 2030 and contribute 13 percent of the country's GDP by 2025. The need of the hour is a futuristic integrated real estate development approach, and setting new benchmarks in its entailment both in terms of infrastructure and sustainability. Adarsh Group, a pioneer in creating integrated, self-sustaining landmark destinations that boast of iconic architecture replete with world class construction technologies and methods.

Established by a civil engineer, Mr. BM Jayeshankar, in the year 1988, Adarsh Group, since its inception, has been developing Residential and Commercial properties in Bengaluru, consistently delivering quality on all parameters, offering apartments, independent villas, office and retail spaces, software tech parks and more. Adarsh Group projects have become landmark in many ways, winning great compliment from customers as well as discerning critics.

They have outshined in the art of building hi-tech commercial complexes in Bengaluru, which include well known developments like Adarsh SEZ, Adarsh Regent, Adarsh Eco Place, Adarsh Yelavarthy and Adarsh Opus to name a few. The company's vivid imagination, attention to detail and vast experience in engineering and architecture amalgamate with quality workmanship and flawless execution to engender an advanced development style that surpasses industry benchmarks and redefines value engineering.

"We at Adarsh have always focused on customer satisfaction, crafting homes that usher in a lifetime of happiness. Today, millennials are looking for spaces where they can relax and feel at one with nature, at the same time be well connected", asserts BM Jayeshankar, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Adarsh Group of companies. He further adds, "Adarsh Group offers the promise of a new home for a new generation of millennials. We have taken utmost care to ensure trust, quality and consistency, as the cornerstones of our architecture. We believe that Adarsh Group will help young homebuyers fulfill their desires of living in Bengaluru."

Adarsh Greens: Reviving The Desire To Return Home
It's no revelation that Bengaluru lifestyle attracts more people than any other city. Another fact is that humans tend to move to greener pastures surrounded by IT parks and educational institutions. Adarsh Group
launched "Adarsh Greens", its first premium housing development for millennials near the picturesque Jakkur Lake in North Bengaluru. The neighborhood of Jakkur has emerged as a hotbed for those looking for serenity.

The booming millennial workforce in the city has fueled the need to look at spaces which blends the luxurious modern living surrounded by pristine nature. Every buyer of Adarsh Greens comes home to a universe brimming with natural beauty and greenery, spread over 26 acres, with more than 70% open spaces. The fusion of modern living with nature is the highlight of this property, where one can choose from elegantly designed 1 and 2 BHK apartments which blends perfectly with the lush-green courtyards.

We live in a busy world and the only comfort we wish for at the end of the day is to return to a peaceful abode that enables us to take part in hobbies and leisure activities. Adarsh Greens brings with it an entire package of ultra-modern amenities filled with activities to engage one's mind, body and soul. The indoor and outdoor activities at Adarsh Greens offers an endless scope of possibilities when it comes to taking care of one's health & lifestyle. Adarsh Greens offers a state-of-the-art clubhouse spread across 42,000 sq. feet, well equipped gymnasium, aerobics room, and a health club to ensure that the residents live a life of optimum health.

When it comes to the sports facilities Adarsh Greens has got everything from tennis court, volleyball court, football field to cricket nets, as well as, indoor sports facilities such as 5 badminton courts, table tennis, snooker tables, and various other indoor games. Adarsh Greens has aesthetically pleasing orchard, hammock and fen gardens with plenty of open spaces that also incorporates a children's play area and a paw park. Adarsh Greens has been designed to offer the best relaxing and soothing environment to its millennial residents, the project has a yoga & meditation centre to calm one's mind, coupled with an elegantly designed swimming pool with a pool deck. One can find luxury in every detail of Adarsh Greens.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

An Epitome Of Exquisite Lifestyle
With thoughtfully designed expansively integrated community developments and the right mix of lifestyle amenities, the Adarsh Group has already created a distinct identity in Bengaluru through its residential projects. All in all, the Adarsh Group strives to promote work life balance with an abundant social life in which people can come together and spend quality time without leaving the vicinity of their abode. Today, the landmarks created by Adarsh Group are a melting pot of socio-cultural lifestyle and have redefined premium living for the millennials.

BM Jayeshankar, Chairman & Managing Director
BM Jayeshankar is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Adarsh Group of companies. Since its inception in 1988, under his visionary leadership, Adarsh Group has experienced phenomenal growth. Started as a humble endeavour, today Adarsh Group is one of the leading real estate companies in Bengaluru. Today, an extremely successful businessman, BM Jayeshankar is firmly rooted and his heart beats not just for the betterment of business, but for the underprivileged and improvement of society equally.

Office: Bengaluru

Awards & Recognitions
· CREDAI Award for Best Villas & Row Houses ­ Adarsh Palm Retreat
· Realty Plus Scroll of Honour to the Chairman, for Luxury contribution in Real Estate.
· Asia Pacific Property Award for Residential High-Rise Development India.
· Recognised as one of India's Fastest Growing Brands by Asia One

Residential Projects:
Recent Launch:
· Adarsh Greens, Bengaluru

On Going Projects:
· Adarsh Sanctuary, Bengaluru
· Adarsh Palm Acres, Bengaluru
· Adarsh Lakefront, Bengaluru