Aeiforia Architects: Hassle-Free Corporate Interior Designing with Breathable Environment

Bhupendra Kumar, CEO & Founder,Pragya Tripathi, Co-Founder & Director

Bhupendra Kumar, CEO & Founder

Pragya Tripathi, Co-Founder & Director

The engineering and construction (E&C) industry have had a robust year, and E&C firms have been positioned as active participants in building the smart, connected future. Founded in 2011 Aeiforia Architects, headquartered in Noida, offers a range of unique, specialist skills in architecture and interior design, resulting in a portfolio of corporate spaces, retail, warehouses hospitality, and residential projects. The company is pioneer by having inhouse 3D printing and virtual reality software, that helps their client to imagine and recreate the spaces and designs even before it’s built on ground.

Aeiforia Architects always treats a new appointment as an opportunity to create something that is both extraordinary and unique within a design that is effective, practical and smart. Being a turnkey solution provider, the company ensures to follow EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) in every project. Aeiforia’s project manager, project architect, etc are also national safety council certified officers and even the company’s sites and laborers are insured and are covered with ESI and PF. Aeiforia provides all basic safety gear, modern equipment, and advanced tools to laborers for efficient and professional working. Aeiforia is ever expanding its wings with the vision to give the best to the environment and the industry by playing a major role in working on natural products aligned to todays customer need hand in hand. Additionally the company is
researching and developing bamboo based commercial furniture, with inbuilt plant for air purifications. Aeiforia’s designs will promote green products and cleaner interior air, there by ensuring healthy well being. The company is also campaigning to save water, and other resources, with their innovations like RO residual water storage tank, and others.

Aeiforia Architects always treats a new appointment as an opportunity to create something that is both extraordinary and unique

“We always try to walk the extra mile to ensure clients comfort and satisfaction and even provide services beyond the boundaries of the contract. Clients are demanding but for us it’s an honor to deliver those demands and in turn act as partners to organizations rather than just act as a third party. That’s why we have list of repeat clients”, says Bhupendra Kumar, Founder, Aeiforia Architects.

Customized Architecture and Interior Design Services
At Aeiforia, the company provides seamless delivery of exceptional projects. Aeiforia provides clients a hassle free, one window solution for all their corporate interiors needs. The company’s scope of work is defined by all sorts of design, project management, execution and turnkey solutions as required to transform a space into international standard corporate. The company works with the finest craftsmen and specialist suppliers so that their services can be tailored to clients’exact requirements and every dream becomes a reality. “Our innovative green design ideas, energetic swift response, led by young, passionate designers and architects and empowered with cutting edge technology to create the most energetic working space for employees and in turn helps us create beautiful space. The best is we listen to our clients accommodate their last minute changes and demands, without hassles,”adds Bhupendra.

However with such exception come significant challenges. The major pain point was the gap between expectations and delivery. Aeiforia set the expectations right and delivers more than promised. The company’s advanced design tools help them understand designs without any ambiguity. Aeiforia provides detailed specifications in item rate and keeps transparency during executions. Similarly, the company worked on a project based out in Noida, whose project value was more than 50 percent of Aeiforia’s previous year turnover. As per the client it was huge risk to bet on small players like Aeiforia but the company proved themselves and handed over the project within agreed timeline and budget. After such successful projects, the company in near future will mark their presence across the globe proving them as outstanding architecture engineering services providers.