Agarwal Estates: Redefining Trust via Transparent & Customized Property & Tenant Management Solution

Manoj Agarwal,Managing Director

Manoj Agarwal

Managing Director

Quite often, the Real Estate industry is perceived with distrust by the consumers as most companies quote astronomical figures with zero transparency and don’t deliver what is promised. Bringing about an evolution in the industry with an objective to redefine trust in customers by educating them with adequate knowledge and its end-to-end property solution is Agarwal Estates. This Bangalore-based company is a one-stop-real estate solution provider with all-round expertise in real estate investments, buying, selling, and renting property, tenant management, home loans, home decors & interiors among others. On top of that, Agarwal Estates offers allied services such as property tax, khata, electric meter transfer, painting, carpentry and more.

Changing the Perception
Its innovative Virtual Tenant/Virtual Owner solution makes it clients’ Virtual Tenant for timely payment of rent and Virtual Owner for the sub-tenant to administer all the property-related issues. Agarwal Estates offers customized
solutions to manage clients’ rental requirements like tenant background verification to tenant management, ensure timely collection of security deposit & rent collection, on-demand property repair & maintenance, and annual maintenance services like pest control to basic maintenance. Besides finding the right tenant, Agarwal Estates also helps you draft detailed lease agreements and professionally written legal contracts with inputs of legal clauses from U.S., UK and India. All the thorny issues and concerns are shared upfront, and fair charges are agreed upon.

"Our solutions are designed to meet specific requirements. This helps the owners and tenants to save time & money and have a great experience"

“Our solutions are designed to meet specific requirements. This helps the owners and tenants to save time & money and have a great experience. Whether you are looking for property to buy, rent or manage, we can guide you. All we need is your autograph!” quips Manoj Agarwal, Managing Director, Agarwal Estates. Comprehending that lack of knowledge leads to numerous problems (for instance, much higher rental expectations than the market keeps the house vacant for long time),the company implements KEY (Knowledge Empowers You)program to educate the customers with enough information to enable them to make right decisions at the right time. Moreover, it has partnered with the best brands in India to provide quality products and services to manage homes.
Spearheaded by Manoj Agarwal,an expert in IT and telecom industry with extensive experience in process implementation, service delivery and standard methodologies, Agarwal Estates introduced world-class documentation practices, standardization,checklist and in-house developed tools & apps for customer management& CRM for service excellence. “There is no'one size fits all' solution for property acquisition. Agarwal Estates, Manoj Agarwal and his team were so prepared with comparative analyses, project details and more. Agarwal’s know-how is immense and that resonates in his team,”says a client.

Having established as a major player within just six years in Bangalore, and marketing offices in Guwahati & U.S., Agarwal Estates has grown its reputation by the word of mouth, by investing in delivery & customer satisfaction, rather than spending hefty monies on marketing& advertisements. In fact,its Facebook review rating, provided by over 180 customers has been a constant 4.8+, which is unheard in the industry. With an annual turnover of Rs.4 crore, the company is journeying towards 50 percent growth in next three years and going through ISO: 9000 certifications currently to further improve the quality of solutions. “Unlike services, a solution is a specialist’s brainchild that keeps long-term benefits uppermost in mind,” concludes Manoj underscoring why he brought solutions into the real estate sphere.