Aich Appraisers Auctioners and Valuers: Offering Valuation Services Backed by Quality, Performance & Excellence

Indranil Aich,Managing Partner

Indranil Aich

Managing Partner

During the early 19th century, when industrial revolution was at its peak and witnessed the growth of various industries, people explored strategies to logically value their business assets and liabilities to derive their right equity value. As time went by, valuation industry gained concrete foundation, experienced extensive growth and solidified its presence by leveraging technology and booming internet. Today, property valuation is a vital part for businesses to grow. Helping corporations define their business valuations is Kolkata based Aich Appraisers Auctioners and Valuers (AAAV).

Under the aegis of Indranil Aich(Managing Partner) with Sunil Kumar Aich & Jhuma Aich(Partners) on board, AAAV has managed to chisel excellence in valuation ecosystem with its unparalleled quality, information and data creation exclusivity. The 2010-founded company offers construction, mining equipment and plant & machinery valuations, and has successfully offered its services to 35 banks, financial institutions, Kolkata Court, PSUs, Delhi High Court and many more.

Valuing Knowledge, Exhibiting Excellence
Owning remarkable merit in valuation of mining and construction equipment, AAAV’s suite of services caters to multiple industry verticals, including government businesses. Indranil asserts, “Government businesses, mainly property and disposable assets valuation, and valuations under IBC 2016 are now ruling the rust”. AAAV as a startup
conglomerate continuously deploys research work of various apps that are backed-up by data, thus hallmarking the company’s expertise in knowledge leadership and market savvy valuation approach.

AAAV follows minute work execution plan with quick turn around time fixation to ensure timely delivery

Since photography, documentation and evidence of assets inspection is a necessary element of valuation exercise, AAAV takes imprint of newspaper displaying the date (when asset is visited by asset inspector) as document of evidence and creates knowledge bank and valuation vertical. Besides, the company implements multiple landmark practices, especially in mobile assets field. The used crane industry, for instance, often struggles to identify vintage machines due to lack of crane serial number, make and model imprints. Hence, to understand the vintage, AAAV develops data bank by connecting with various OEMs worldwide. The company continues attaching load chart certificates and load testing certificates issued by various registered authorities and ensures protection of assets authenticity and title through property valuations GPS locations and BLRO certified documents.

To help asset base lenders mitigate the challenge of quality disbursement of loans against mortgage of assets, AAAV follows minute work execution plan with quick turnaround time fixation to ensure timely delivery.

A Name to Reckon With
Having worked with several industry veterans from mining industry and textile industry, AAAV has been successful in catering to industry bigwigs such as Tata Motors Finance and Arambagh Hatcheries, amongst others. Besides, the company strives to forge MoUs with various academies and technical institutions to support continuous education, inclusive development and merit oriented project towards holistic growth.

Owning widespread presence PAN India, AAAV scales revenue growth at a CAGR of 13 percent and plans to have 50 percent of market share of property valuation business, including government business. Envisioning listing AAAV as SME in stock exchange, Indranil believes that the company’s strength lies is not being the first, but being the best in whatever it values under the sun. No wonder, AAAV is laurelled with SME Business Excellence Award for its excellence and quality performance.