Anisha Property Management Consultancy: One stop shop for A-Z Property Issues

Sridhar Kasoji, FounderIt was always a hustle for Krishnamurthy, an eighty-year-old resident of Hyderabad to collect the rent, and more importantly check whether the tenants were vacating in time or not. Many of them would have excuses for not vacating on time while others disappeared without informing. This greatly hindered him in managing the properties situated at different locations of the city and created a huge problem for him as he had to handle all of this alone as both of his sons were outside the country. Once he experienced extreme difficulty pertaining to an issue where the tenant was not vacating his flat. Krishnamurthy was not sure about what was to be done. So, he approached The team of Anisha property mediated in the issue and solved it. Thus, this helped them to tap into the huge potential of the growing market and be a support pillar for property related issues.

Bridging the Gap with Personalized Services

The journey of revolves around the time when

Institutionalised as a platform with high commitment & excellent professional service, Anisha Property Management Consultancy has won the trust of the clients through its extensive knowledge in property management space

Sridhar Kasoji was working as an engineer for Ramky Construction group. Holding a bachelors degree in civil engineering and a post graduation degree in advanced construction & management, Sridhar then joined Ramky Construction Group. After working there for two years he decided to join his father’s long running business of over 40 years in the construction arena. During his tenure of over 10 years in construction field & understanding the needs, Sridhar speaks,“While we were carrying out construction activities, we came to realize that many of the clients were in need of some one who could take care of their property in their absence. The idea then struck us to venture this platform, which is an extension of our family business. ”Acting as a One stop shop, the company offers services right from construction to legal requirements. The services include rental property management, vacant property management, commercial property management,sale & purchase,
interior designing & others.

Additionally, being a provider of end-to-end solutions, starts right from planning to execution along with personalized services. Explaining more on it, Sridhar avers, “It is often seen that property management either deal with big clients or small unorganized hubs. Through our unique platform, we are trying to bridge the gap by providing services to all and conducting work through word- of – mouth.”

Pinpointing its key differentiating factor, i.e, allowing buyers & sellers to interact directly, the company has carved a niche in the trending space. Currently, with 90 percent NRI clients from the US, managing 50 flats and maintaining vacant & commercial plots, it has also tied up with Govt. offices & legal statutory bodies, construction houses and more to deliver best results.

Institutionalized as a platform dedicated to commitment & excellent professional service, has won the trust of the clients through its extensive knowledge in property management space. With a team of seven people and driven by a growth model, the company has been able to generate 100 percent growth in the FY2016-17. “We want to be one of the most trusted companies in Hyderabad. In the next three years, we will be spreading our business in cities like Bombay, Bangalore & Delhi and capture the fast pace of the evolving market,” concludes Sridhar.