Aqua World Greentech: Offering Affordable Tech-Driven Landscaping Solutions Backed by Unprecedented Expertise

Rock Origanti,Managing Director

Rock Origanti

Managing Director

Considering the rapid disappearance of natural foliage and verdure with India’s rising citadels of concrete skyscrappers and apartments, the country is exhausting its natural frondescence. Landscaping is now enthroned as the only goto in infrastructural development, substituting and replenishing what once were acres of green terrains and abundant herbage. Sharing a 19-year long chemistry within the landscaping industry, and utilizing unique models of tech-based solutions, Aqua World Greentech emerged as the brainchild of Rock Origanti (Managing Director) to facilitate and improve landscape trends in India. Creating outdoor designs while incorporating customized landscapes along with core structural planning, the company is committed to providing topquality solutions and services predominantly pertaining to landscaping, swimming pools and water management.

Backed by veterans with over 22 years of experience and over 500 acres of combined landscape development expertise, Aqua World caters to a wide spectrum of industrial verticals like government institutions, promoters, developers, residencies, hotels, hospitals, commercial & construction companies, and more. Rock states, “Over the years, we have acquired specificexpertise in our operations and demonstrated ‘Project Execution Capabilities’ with flawless precision in the areas of Design and Development of even highly complex projects. All these factors together made us one of the most respected and reputed
landscaping design organizations in and around Chennai.” This is not all; rather the company possesses the distinct ability to deliver unique combinationsof architecture, design and installation (construction, planting & maintenance) when it comes to landscaping and has carved a niche presenting smartplanning via bespoke protechnological solutions in this arena.

We pay special attention to every project and client, making sure that we understand the scope of work and thus deliver best value

Affordable Solutions are the Key
Landscapes bordering only affluent houses are an old story; Aqua World has instigated much economical solutions based on the clients design and demands, providing uncompromised quality services bent on a steadfast customer service network. Regardless of the shape or size of the land, the company is known for its beauty-stricken and affordable deliverables. Rock further states, “If we have never done it before, we will ensure to innovate and think creatively to push ourselves beyond boundaries and deliver the future to meet client’s changing needs. We pay special attention to every project and client, making sure that we understand the scope of work and thus deliver best value. We leverage technology and also skilled expertise in horticulture to provide a comprehensive package that will meet every client’s demands.”

Aqua World’s repute is based on its technological-prowess in advanced irrigation systems for drip and sprinkling irrigation maintenance to conserve water especially across large projects. Furthermore, an ingenious concept of ‘easigrass’ technology that gives the feel and look of natural grass (substitute to natural grass)poses as a creative way of incorporating more greener spaces at offices, balconies, gardens or indoor aesthetics, thereby preserving natural grass in its natural environment. Atop, easigrass is cost effective, and environment friendly and requires low maintenance.

More Room for Progress
With award worthy contributions made under its expertise, Aqua World found itself serving some of the country’s most reputed builders like Prestige (Silver Springs residential villas), Nehru Park by L&T(Metrorail), Citadines by ASWTT Singapore and many more. Despite owning a robust team with far reaching experiences and proficient knowhow, Aqua World ensures to stay updated with industrial and technological trends by attending various exhibitions, and media launches. Moreover, the company aims at exploring markets in India’s north and foreign lands and doubling its 20 percent annual revenue treasury.