Arriva Designs: Combining Functionality with Aesthetics to Create Timeless Spaces

Aniruddha Nafrey,  Principal Architect

Aniruddha Nafrey

Principal Architect

The Indian architecture and interior design services industry is growing at a rapid pace driven by the country’s rising focus on infrastructure development across residential and commercial projects. Rapid urbanization is impacting the real estate sector, coupled with increasing demand for architectural solutions for creatively designed and well-planned spaces that are aesthetically pleasing yet functional and sustainable. The industry, as such, is expected to reach a market share of $395 billion by 2025. However, challenges like template-based design suggestions and lack of creativity prevent many from availing architectural services. To address these challenges, the 2008-established Arriva Designs by Ar. Aniruddha Nafrey excels in customizing spaces to bring clients’ vision to life. With a history of designing timeless spaces that enrich the human experience, Arriva is a leading architecture and interior design firm, delivering residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional projects.

Creating Timeless Spaces

“Arriva Designs is driven by a mission to deliver exceptional design solutions that exceed client expectations while adhering to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our vision is to be recognized as a leading architectural and interior design firm known for our creativity, innovation, and commitment to excellence. We aim to create structures and spaces that not only fulfil functional requirements but also evoke emotions and enrich lives. To create unique yet familiar surroundings for daily use while being a trendsetter in the field of design is something that Arriva Designs strives to achieve", shares Aniruddha Nafrey, Principal Architect.

Aligned with this mission, Arriva is dedicated to becoming a one-stop shop that tailors its solutions to match clients’ preferences. Delivering a complete range of architecture designing, interior designing, project management, and consulting solutions, Arriva stands out for its holistic approach for every undertaking. This engagement process, along with Aniruddha’s extensive experience and expertise in the domain garnered through his educational pedigree as well as distinctive work experience working alongside some of the most prominent architects and interior designers for 12 years before laying the foundation of Arriva.

Through a painstaking procedure for space designing in collaboration with clients, emphasizing attention to detail throughout the research and conceptualizing phases, Arriva strives to transform ideas into tangible outcomes that combine functionality with aesthetics for enhancing clients’ daily lives. Dedicated to delivering an outstanding
customer experience, Arriva has integrated rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance measures across various phases during the entire process. The inspections and evaluations are planned to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

Behind Arriva Designs’ success is a core team of veteran architects, designers, and industry experts that bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm. The diversity of their experiences and expertise across the domains of sustainable development, architectural designs, project management, interior design, and client relations is a driving force enabling the firm to offer a spectrum of unique solutions.

“We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity while staying grounded in practicality and sustainability. Our team of highly skilled professionals brings a diverse range of expertise to the table, allowing us to offer innovative solutions that resonate with our clients and stand out in a competitive industry. We do take pride in keeping up with the latest designs and material palettes and make sure to convey their relevance to the clients as well. Making the clients' interests grow and apprising them about relevant designs also solidifies our presence", further shares Aniruddha Nafrey.

Arriva Designs believes in pushing the boundaries of creativity while staying grounded in practicality & sustain ability

Beyond extensive experience, the team’s proficiency in seamlessly inte-grating all of the clients’ desires, ideas, and dreams into the spaces that it creates without compromising on technical prowess, quality, or ornamental excellence gives Arriva a competitive edge. A zeal to keep up with the latest industry trends emerging across the globe, from greater AI integration to experimenting with modular styles of construction, ensures that Arriva’s concepts are fresh.

Journey & Future

Arriva Designs’ journey, since its founding, has been one marked by consistent growth across business aspects including revenue, client acquisition, and geographical expansion. The firm has strategically established an unshakable position and reputation as a reliable and skilled partner in the industry over the years. This achievement, unlocked by the firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional results, has led its success story and will be the fuel that spurs its future endeavors for growth and expansion.

As Arriva charts its future trajectory, it is enthusiastic about explo-ring new opportunities starting with a deep dive into the realm of interior design. The firm plans on embracing advanced technologies and sharper methodologies to effortlessly refine its designs aligned with the ever-evolving consumer aspirations. Moreover, the company has an array of ongoing luxury residential projects for distinct apartments and villas, along with hospitality and commercial projects for which it is excited to explore new design opportunities and experiment with new ideas.

As Arriva strives to push the boundaries of designing and construction with every new project it undertakes, it is dedicated to setting new benchmarks in the industry, motivating others to follow in its foot steps.