Bhartiya City: The City Of Joy

Snehdeep Aggarwal,Founder and Chairman

Snehdeep Aggarwal

Founder and Chairman

Since antiquity, Indian cities have always shaped the way people work and live. In the ancient past, they came up along the river banks and emerged along major trading routes and seashores connecting distant sea routes. Bhartiya City is one such integrated city within the greater city of Bangalore, which has been designed to function as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to cater to the booming IT industry in India. At the heart of the city lies the central business district, which has a total capacity to employ 40,000 people.

Bhartiya City has 7,500 beautifully designed homes under the brand name Nikoo Homes built around a multitude of formats from lofts to villas nestled between parks, gardens, and waterfronts. Bhartiya City has been designed to offer a complete work-life continuum where the children and the rest of the family members of the IT workforce get all the aspects of everyday requirements within the premises­ a city of joy, where around 125,000 people will live, work, and pass-through everyday life.
Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes II
Perfect Homes To Live An Upgraded New Age Lifestyle
Bhartiya City has created a brand of homes under the name Nikoo Homes. It's a brand of homes that converts the basic living lifestyle into a better, upgraded version in-tuned with a responsible, eco-friendly future. Based on the five principles of Family, Community, Culture, Health, and Learning - Nikoo Homes II provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of life through new age recreational facilities such as Learning Centre, a Cook Studio, a Family Doctor Clinic, a state-of-the-art clubhouse, Black Swan Club, Co-working spaces, Music Room, a Florist, a Private clinic, pharmacy and Movie Pods, among many others.

Nikoo Homes has broken all the traditional conventions and concepts of selling homes in India by using Design as its central construction tool. Nikoo Homes II is an aggregation of well-designed residences ranging from a Studio to Sky Villas and Lofts. Every home at Nikoo Homes Phase 2 offers a Bay window which enables the residents to unwind and refresh their minds with the sight of verdant green nature surrounding them.

Today, Nikoo Homes are one of the fastest-selling homes in Bangalore. Bhartiya City has already delivered the first phase of Nikoo Homes with around 1800 families residing in it, and additional 500 homes in Phase two have already been handed over. Nikoo homes II at Bhartiya City ranges from a studio at around INR 30 lakhs to a loft apartment of around INR 1.2 crores.

Salient Features:
· Unique new age lifestyle amenities on offer
· Bhartiya City offers bicycle docking stations with access control and exclusive bicycle tracks to reduce carbon footprint.
· An STP facility that purifies and re-circulates the water for all secondary uses.
· Organic waste generated within the campus is converted to manure through organic waste converters and utilized for gardening purpose.
· A well-maintained labor colony where labors live in a hygienic environment.