TreisTek India: Pioneer in 3D City Modeling, BIM & LiDAR

<style>.col-md-3 span{font-size:14px;}</style><span>Arindam Sengupta, Founder & CEO,Jayita Sengupta, Co-Founder & COOIn India, the pink city will be the first smart city to virtually clone itself, i.e. to have its own ‘3D City’ model for better management and civic planning. Besides 5G and IoT being the core entities for the development of smart cities, a 3D model still stands as the most instrumental entity that models a spectrum of parameters. Outclassing as a pioneer in this segment of 3D city modeling is TreisTek India Pvt. Ltd. that creates and updates highly detailed 3D city models in multiple Level of Details (LODs)– 200, 300 & 400. Through the might of engineering data, survey data, point clouds, and digital imagery, TreisTek develops these 3D city models that are largely deployed for applications in master planning, navigation, utility design, archaeology, property management, intelligent transport systems, and many others.

What makes TreisTek standout among its competitors is its commitment to undertake any challenge. Arindam Sengupta,Founder & CEO, TreisTek India, adds, “Whenever a new requirement comes-in, we never say no and never over commit”. Even if the firm has no expertise in a particular domain, it ensures to buy time from clients, conduct rigorous R&D, comprehend the nuances of the project, and later proceed with the project execution. Today, the firm takes extensive pride in accomplishing the biggest project of smart city modeling for one of its clients, who was dispirited since none of the organizations accepted their project. TreisTek’s technical heads and other experts bought requisite time from the client, performed rigorous R&D for many sleepless nights, and eventually executed the project with sheer success. Besides client’s happiness, the entire team has earned immense confidence and ideas from this project. Today, TreisTek stands tall as a master in smart city modeling, capable of achieving anything and everything!

The Pacesetter!

Amidst the burgeoning competition, TreisTek always stays ahead in terms of quality, pricing and TAT. With an in-house QA & QC team and dedicated tools, this ISO 9001:2015 certified firm has successfully transformed the major challenge of quality maintenance into a competitive advantage today. Pricing is also meticulously taken care of by a dedicated inhouse team that strives to perfectly balance cost against profit. Especially when clients are not constricted to a budget, the firm ensures to build a friendly relationship with them and complete their project within a nominal budget, but never compromise on quality. As a policy driven organization, it also streamlines all the payment & collection processes with them in a smooth manner. Moreover, thanks to its internship program that sources enough candidates and trains them inhouse for future projects, achieving minimum TAT is a piece of cake for TreisTek!

Maven in BIM & GIS

Besides smart 3D city modeling, TreisTek holds great knowledge and command in delivering any kind of service under Engineering Services, Geographic Information System(GIS)Services, 3D Rendering Services, Surveying, and others to clients. Most of the firm’s Engineering Services are in line with BIM (Building Information Modeling) mandates across all domains - architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, infrastructure, and marine & offshore. TreisTek in fact standsout as a top player in the BIM services market that has executed end-to-end civil architecture projects right from the point of design. It also provides
simulation services through high quality CAD & 3D designs for interior, exterior and engineering parts.

Whenever a new requirement comes in, we never say no and never over commit

Under the wide bracket of GIS, TreisTek holds strong expertise on LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and Photogrammetry (Aerial & Digital), while offering other services like UAV Image Processing, Cadastral Mapping, Topographical Mapping and Orthophoto Services. Mastering the novel technology of LiDAR, the firm offers data acquisition, point cloud classification, DTM, DEM & DSM generation, contour generation, ortho generation, and many other services with extreme accuracy, density and speed. Jayita Sengupta, Co-Founder & COO, TreisTek India, asserts, “We aim to serve as a one-stop solution provider for all our GIS/Engineering clients, besides working on different time zones to cater them round the clock”. Moreover, the firm’s R&D team stays conversant with all emerging technologies and software in the market, while leveraging them effectively.

"TreisTek in fact stands-out as a top player in the BIM services market that has executed end-to-end civil architecture projects right from the point of design"

Employees-The True Kings

Both on technical and non-technical fronts, TreisTek’s team stands as a single point of contact to customers to address their concerns, while generating progress report for each project as and when required. Adhering to the principle ‘Attitude, not aptitude determines your altitude’, this firm has created a culture for its team that speaks transparency, strong cultural fits, belongingness, equal importance on people’s strengths & weaknesses, reflective thinking, creating passion, trust and many other aspects. The firm’s foremost priority is to offer employee development programs that focus on creating innovative learning experiences, personal development, following one size fits one policy, delivering informal & cross departmental training, succession planning, and others.

Further, the firm’s growth policy emphasizes on smart work with out-of-the-box thinking, continuous learning, friendly environment, and celebrating success. Arindam elucidates, “We are not a company, but a family where every member is treated equally, possesses equal rights in decision making, and every opinion is considered and respected. Be it the system we deploy, integration we make in line with building relationships or the positive vibe we create with external/internal vendors and clients, we are one united family”.

Making Phenomenal Strides!

Arindam and Jayita came up with the idea of TreisTek over a cup of tea and incorporated the firm in February 2018. Since the time of kick starting its operations in April 2018 with two people, the firm has grown by 100 employees and plans to add another 100 by 2021. Even in terms of revenue, it has grown by 20-25 percent during April to June, 2019 as compared to 2018. TreisTek has carved its future roadmap towards penetrating deeper into engineering market, building a stronger R&D team, comprehending newfangled technologies in tune with BIM, and learning & implementing new things across its upcoming projects.

Key Management:

Arindam Sengupta, Founder & CEO

Arindam is an epitome of a true business leader with 20 years of experience in technology and management. He has previously worked for companies like IBM, Oracle, McAfee, Intel, Azuga, Magnasoft, and many others.

Jayita Sengupta, Co-Founder & COO

Jayita holds 12+ years of enterprise experience in enabling businesses to achieve their growth, innovation and performance excellence. She currently heads marketing & projects at TreisTek India.



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