Separator Proffering AI-based CRM Software Solutions for Real Estate Agents & Developers

Ganesh Pagare,Co-Founder, CEO & Director
Ganesh Pagare, Co-Founder & CEO, Director

The Indian Real Estate Industry is a complex, dynamic and the fastest growing market which is expected to grow $180 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 11.2 percent, according to BEF. With the emergence of high-speed internet connectivity and technology-driven solutions, a lot of people hunt properties on the internet, where online real estate service providers deploy various methods to generate lead, and sales using CRM platforms. Interestingly, 47 percent of the real estate companies face loss due to delay in communication. Intending to shape the real estate industry by connecting home buyers to agents/developers and vice versa on a technological front, offers AI-based JUST IN TIME CRM software that takes care of lead selling, marketing automation, and pre & post sales for its customers. “For the first time in India with sales automation, we do not just provide customer engagement for agents
& developers but solutions which are less dependent on human,” says Ganesh Pagare, CEO, Director & Co-Founder,

The Tech-Savvy Solution
While the existing CRM solutions do not cater to issues like roaster management, automated call management, omnichannel marketing automation, lead security, intelligence of customer performance and no quick team change management in system, connects all the dots and helps sales agents make quick decision by tracking the potential customers out of many sales enquiry. Considering that companies are laid back on market strategies and lead life cycle due to poor/delay in communication, makes it possible
to communicate over its CRM software as per their medium preference (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS or email or others) to enable real-time communication and fast decision making, eventually making property matchmaking sans human intervention. “Our CRM software delivers quality leads along with lead nurturing process to agent and developers,” asserts Ganesh. Employing a hybrid business model (offline booking & online portal), offers free usage to its customers, while charges for targeted marketing campaigns to
estate agents & developers. Through its Channel Partner Program, the company is near to connect with 100 developers and 3000+ agents, calling for an opportunity to sell any property in any corner without the actual physical involvement. Also, the company is coming up with a program where commoners can also earn money using its channel partner program. The home buyers too can get to handpicked properties according to their preferences via its online booking system,'Re-commerce' by paying Rs.500. deploys open source technologies and elastic (on demand scalable) servers to provide seamless services to its customers. Applying SSL for all its hosted applications & solutions, the company serves a huge client base across India (majorly in Delhi, Hyderabad & Mumbai) and parts of Canada and Dubai.

Founded in 2014, has reached a whopping valuation of Rs.50 crore with its SaaS-based CRM application and is planning to expand across PAN India and internationally, for which it has the blueprints ready for fund raising. “ wants to provide services in such a way that anyone can sell flat from any corner of India in any corner of India,” concludes Ganesh.