Clean4u Services: A Trusted Companion for Professional Services

Roopashri K, Managing Director,B.Naveen Kumar,  General Manager

Roopashri K, Managing Director

B.Naveen Kumar, General Manager

In today’s day and age, people are perpetually busy in their hectic schedule and cleaning is often neglected. With a significant rise in germs and diseases, hiring a trusted, competent service can be a boon in terms of cost and quality. Realizing the demand and being mindful of the professional deficiency in the market, Clean4u Services was established in 2012 to provide proficiency in the cleaning services for both B2B and B2C clients. Offering top-notch quality with innovative eco-friendly products and efficient tools for cleaning, it stands out amidst its competitors.

Pocket Friendly Customized Offerings
A plethora of options at affordable prices is what you get here. Without a generic price tag attached to its services, Clean4u understands that no two customers are the same when it comes to their requirement. With customization, one can be assured that it is the ultimate solution for all their cleaning woes. Revamping the unhygienic areas with Green Seal Certified products, the company guarantees a risk-free, healthy environment.
The service of Clean4u is broadly divided into two: facility management and one time cleaning. Ranging from property management services (vendor management and business support), housekeeping and pest control to one-time cleaning services such as deep cleaning, partial cleaning (removal of stains) and water tank cleaning, Clean4u has it all. It even provides comprehensive maintenance services such as electrical and plumbing. Apart from home owners, the customer base also includes some of the leading manufacturing units, banks and financial institutions, shopping malls, airports, and multiplexes.

Tact and consideration in assessing a situation at client site is a must to fix the issues that surface at client site

Customer satisfaction is what it strives for and leaves no stone unturned to provide the same. Tact and consideration in assessing a situation at client site is a must to fix the issues that surface at client site. By providing special training to its employees with regard to each service it offers and empowering them to take decisions on site, a competent service and expertise is what one can expect when availing Clean4u assistance. A regular monitoring of the staff to measure their performance helps the company mitigate pain points and improve customer experience.

Clean4u is a platform for transparency and honesty.
Therefore, the company understands that an efficient system is one with good people support. “The services were extremely punctual and the team was very professional and courteous. I felt very secure leaving my home to them. The work was very clean and good,” validates a happy customer. To help the customers apprehend its service, Clean4u offers precise information about the products and provides a quick estimate through telephone or face-to face interaction. Easy billing, regular follow-ups and handling complaints are also the key factors that are managed with consideration. It also administers a strict check to see if there have been any service gaps.

Headquartered at Bangalore housing over a hundred employees, Clean4u has three other branches across the city and one in Hyderabad. Operating as an individual entity, the company’s growth has quadrupled since its inception, and is now planning to implement use-and-throw cleaning supplies shortly to maintain highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. By taking stringent measures to remain consistent, the company foresees itself emerging as the leading outsourcing providers in the cleaning industry by following its ethics of respect/fairness, trust/integrity, change/adaptability, being result oriented and providing learning opportunities to its employees. “A customer service is all about delivering a promise, hence we have developed customer service standards to match our ‘promise to customers’,” concludes Roopashri K Director & Naveen Kumar B, General Manger, Clean4u.