Clicbrics: Rendering Single Click, Easy-to-Use Digital Platform for Property Stakeholders

Ashutosh Dhiman,CTO
Ashutosh Dhiman, CTO

The trend of online realty marketplace and sales is looking-up as the accessibility of information related to properties, projects, location, market trends, as well as unbiased options on websites and apps are winning the confidence of potential buyers, with technology taking the center stage. Additionally, the latest features provided by these digital platforms, such as customization, regular updates on the property status, quick access to documentation and transactions have made buying property simpler than ever before. One such real estate service provider is Clicbrics, which has developed an in-house digital platform to offer transparent, updated property information to its customers apart from providing customized solutions as per their needs.

“Our aim is to create an easy-to-use platform for property buyers, sales agents, mortgage originators & real estate developers. We strive to stay ahead of the competition in terms of technology use in real estate and actively work on bringing new innovations to the market, apart from offering them uninterrupted post-sales services,” explains Ashutosh Dhiman, CTO, Clicbrics.
Built using the latest cloud and blockchain technologies, the Clicbrics platform keeps up with the industry standards of speed, security and efficiency. Empowering the stakeholders with this platform, Clicbrics focuses on selling exclusive projects through tie-ups with builders to track sales, marketing strategies, inventory management and real-time progress on field.

"Our aim is to create an easy-to-use platform for property buyers, sales agents, mortgage originators and real estate developers"

Believing in the Perks of Technology
One of the biggest pain points post owning a property is knowing the status of the project, especially under-construction projects. Acting as a facilitator for obtaining relevant information from the concerned parties and providing the same to the clients, Clicbrics’ website and app (Android & iPhone) offer the latest information and construction updates of projects along with their pictures. Furthermore, the company employs a unique ticketing system where the clients can raise queries or concerns related to their property.

Known as the only real estate service provider in India whose platform gives single-click access to all information related to customers’ documents and transactions carried out on the Clicbrics platform, the company is emerging as the one stop shop for every property buyer. End-to-end documentation, including the application form, buyer
agreements, demand letters, copies of cheques and all other KYC documents, offers, e-notifications and other updates are made available to the clients through this platform. It also offers project plans, floor plans, details of neighborhood areas and attractions, payment plans and finance options. Backed by the blockchain technology, the company’s mortgage system provides loan quotations from multiple banks to the clients on a single click.

To help clients make better and informed choices in their property hunt, Clicbrics associates a unique property score with each project based on parameters of livability, connectivity, value for money and lifestyle, which are calculated using AI-based proprietary algorithms. real-time, the company utilizes state-of-the-art cloud technology, coupled with automated systems and standard encryption algorithms to ensure that customer data is secure.

Recently, the company has introduced a feature named ‘Clicworth’, using which the users can know the actual market price of their property. Going forward, Clicbrics aims to introduce a new feature that offers a real-time online site visit experience to the customers without actually having to physically visit the site. Running its operations successfully in Delhi-NCR region with 300 percent growth YOY, the company aims to expand its operations across India and North America by the end of next year.