Concept City Group: Revolutionizing Indian Residential Sector Through Top-Notch, Eco-Friendly Projects

K. S. Rajshekar,FounderThe Silicon Valley of India ­ Bangalore, has been making great strides in the real estate vertical due to a plethora of factors such as thriving workforce, increasing demands, burgeoning investments, new trends, and many more. Indeed Bangalore silhouettes as one of the best hotspots for real estate development in India. But almost two decades back, in 2003, the scenarios were not quite wonderful as they are now. Yet, companies like Concept City Group are giving a new dimension to the real estate industry through profound expertise and competencies in this vertical. Since its inception in 2003, the company has been demonstrating a decent track record in execution of high-end gated communities. K. S. Rajshekar, Founder, Concept City Group, articulates, "We are revolutionizing the real estate sector through innovative concepts, minimum carbon foot prints, innovative water management, design excellence, superior quality, attention to green building norms, perfection in execution, and timely delivery".

Project Par Excellence
Concept City's flagship project is Midas Exotica, located in the north side of Greater Bangalore in close proximity to the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) and other projects, gated communities, schools, colleges, hospitals, sports centres, resorts, and Bangalore International Airport. This project is composed of 60 villas spanning in an area of six acres 12 guntas and also a club house spanning one acre 22 guntas. The Project is located very close to the Bangalore International Airport and the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) which is a world-class integrated sports complex developed by Rahul Dravid and Prakash Padukone, which offers sports and coaching facilities in Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Squash and Basketball.

Highlights of the Project `Midas Exotica':-
1. Green Building Guidelines:- We believe in luxury life style with responsibility
2. Best Brands and Products:- We have meticulously selected the best products from world renowned brands
3. Renowned Architecture and Structural Consultants:- We have technical guidance from the best Architecture and Structural Consultants in south India.
4. Land Scape designed by International architecture:- We Designed by renowned Landscape Architect and Consultant NUSA CONSULINDO from Bali, Indonesia.
5. Self-reliant in water requirement:- Internal generational of water
6. Waste Management systems:-All the wet waste and dry waste will be processed in the campus
7. Solar Power:- Self-reliant in power requirements
8. Home Automation:- Every villa is a smart home
9. Musical pathways:- Pease and tranquility while walking in the campus
10. Cobble Stone Roads:- European styled roads
11. 5-Star Club House:- Luxurious club house
12. Service Villa Concept :- Private serviced residences
13. Most Spacious and Luxury Bathrooms
14. Emergency Ambulance and Grocery Shops
15. Great Location. The Project is located very close to the Bangalore International Airport and the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) is a world-class integrated sports complex built on 15 lush acres, CSE offers state-of-the-art facilities in Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Squash and Basketball. The Centre aims to encourage competitive and recreational athletes, professional coaches, sports academies and aspiring young talent to excel in their sport of choice. Besides identifying and encouraging the country's
most promising sports talent Only when the civil structure of each villa is ready and 70 percent of infrastructure of the gated community is ready then only the company offers it to the market for sales. And once the customers selects the villa the company commits that in six months all the other works in the villa is completed and possession of the villa is handed over to the customers.

Promoting A Sustainable Future
Besides focusing on bringing the world-class landscapes to Bangalore, the company's main aim is to enhance people's living standards, efficiently utilize resources and most importantly, promote sustainability through its projects. For efficient rain water harvesting, it has developed a water management system that includes high capacity water storage and water filtration system. Also, its centralized water purification system provides ultra-filtered, potable water in each and every tap throughout the villa and campus. Apart from this, ultra-modern and underground water recycling treatment plants are utilized wherein treated water is completely reused for landscape and flushing in toilets.

Concept city group's main aim is to enhance people's living standards, efficiently utilize resources, and most importantly promote sustainability through its projects

With regards to energy savings, Concept City Group has deployed 300KV Solar PV power plants throughout its gated community and villas, emphasizing on usage of clean and green energy, these solar plants are used in heating water, cooking, lighting, laundry, steam bath facilities, barbeque, and other chores. And also a bio-gas and waste to compost plant will be installed in the campus to convert waste into energy and organic manure. All its villas are IGBS certified across a smart housing enclave, strictly adhering to a zero carbon emissions initiative. Moreover, power backup is also seamlessly provided to residents through generators. While only LED light fittings with smart control systems are installed thorough out the gated community.

Concept City Group has devoted itself to creating spaces that enhance people's living standards, utilizing resources efficiently and contributing to present and future communities by nurturing sustainable development, it includes responsible creation that doesn't threaten the site's ecological systems. Eco-friendly in every aspect of the project, Midas Touch maximizes the green features of spaces, furthermore, the natural energy source feeds the needs of electricity, heating and cooling using ingenious green transformers and that is just beginning. Concept City Group believes in responsible luxury in every project.

Amenities Galore
Security, on the other hand, is the company's biggest forte! Besides a 12 feet high compound wall, its villas are secured round the clock via manual security personal, CCTV security system, sensor technology, and biometric based security system in the entrances of both individual villas and gated communities. Especially, disabled people are taken utmost care through dedicated, friendly design principles. On a similar note, there is a spectrum of amenities that place Concept City Group way above its peers in the industry.

Some of the exterior amenities are cobble stone roads, state-of-the-art children's park, central park with pipe music, water bodies & designer landscape, footpath & jogging tracks, designer boulevard foot lightings, US open styled tennis court, lung breathing mini forests with walking track, palm & ornamental trees, and Balinese styled landscaping in parks, gardens, and also bedroom, dining & living room. Speaking about interior amenities, Concept City's villas have waiting lounge with coffee bar at entrance gate, centralized and in-house laundry system, pneumatic water supply pumps, storm water drainage, Wi-Fi connectivity, and many others. Further, residents can relish effective maintenance services of their property for three years.

The raw materials, fittings, home appliances and technologies that go into each villa further augment the company's excellence in real estate. Right from light-weighted ACC blocks & cement, recycled steel, KiTEC composite pipes, Catalano's sanitary ware, Grohe's fittings, Schell's flush systems, Italian tiles & kitchen to push & pull digital door lock, it deploys nothing less than the best for its residents. Rajshekar asserts, "Quality comes with a premium price. Each and Every raw materials, fittings, appliances, fixtures and hardware has been hand-picked through extensive research and survey, keeping quality as a priority. Our Selection villas are priced from Rs.3.0 - 6.8 crore, while we provide loans from SBI, HDFC, Tata, PNB, Karur Vyasa Bank, ICICI and other esteemed banks along with guidance for proper documentation to the buyers".

In the near future, Concept City's primary focus will be on providing high quality housing for low and middle income groups.

K. S. Rajshekar, Founder
• Bachelor of engineering
• Worked in contract with the Public Works Department and has executed numerous irrigation projects and infrastructure [roads] projects in North Karnataka.
• Commenced own business ventures.
• Widely traveled having excellent negotiation skills and PR skills.
• Adept experience is striking strategic alliances.

Quick Facts:
• Inception Year: 2003
• Location: Bangalore
• Projects: Midas Exotica, Midas Park, Vikas Nagar & others