De Space Interiors: Delivering Highly Personalized & Unique Interior Designing Concepts at Affordable Rate

Akshata Menon Vig & Dev Vig, Co-Founders ,              With the radical shift in the way people perceived interior designing, consumers now better understand what a space means and how interior designers can improve the look & feel of their four walls. They are ambitious & expect theme based interiors that reflect their personality, make their house look like a home and want the best out of professionals. This brings in a lot of opportunity for residential interior designers (once ruled by local contractors and highly unorganized players) who are helping people build their dream homes without wasting their money and time. Ideally fitting into the picture is Bangalore-based De Space Interiors, founded by Akshata Menon Vig & Dev Vig. Established in 2012, the venture strives to create a niche in interior designing & space planning segments by tapping the clientele that is looking for highly personalized and customized concepts at pocket-friendly cost. “We have met clients who approached us after getting their work done, and mentioned that it didn’t meet their quality standards, or the contractor didn’t meet the
timelines and left mid-way,” says Akshata

De Space not only assists clients with available budget, but also keeps them aware of changes if any in budgets at different stages and even suggests them alternatives in case of tight budgets

De Space Interiors provides complete & innovative solutions for residential interior contracts, including furniture, electrical, plumbing related works, painting, false ceiling and other elements that are required to plan the living space. De Space Interiors shuns doing standard designs and follows the customize approach to offers a unique solution to every client based on their requirements. Hence it starts by understanding the client’s requirement in length & breadth, and then designing the layout, and executing the project. De Space pursues complete transparent work process, which begins with understanding the layout followed by detailed discussion with clients that helps them to identify their objective, needs & spacing requirement, thus enabling the company to prepare solutions as per the client’s requirements. Believing in the client‘s aspiration, requirement, and their desires, designers develop designs using tools like SketchUp and 3D Studio Max,
which helps De Space provide a 3D view to help clients visualize the designs better and touch their hearts.

De Space not only assists clients with available budget, but also keeps them aware of changes if any in budgets at different stages and even suggests them alternatives in case of tight budgets. It even gives complete control of the overall budget and showcases its entire workflow at the initial stage itself (assisting clients to take decision on continuing their service with the company or not). This results in clear communication, better understanding, smooth execution of the project and building trust. “In an industry like ours, it’s extremely difficult to make every individual client happy, but we try our level best by offering them complete transparency, regular updates and the best possible quality by ensuring value for their money,” claims Dev.

Going Forward
What differentiates De Space Interiors from its competitors is its philosophy of ‘ready to move in home’. In a course of five years, the company has developed a team that works towards highest quality of project and strongly follows company‘s vision of maximum client satisfaction. Since inception, the design firm has completed over 300 projects in Bangalore and plans to enhance its services in other cities in the coming years.“While we plan to launch in other cities, we will ensure we enter with the right set of people, even if it takes time for us to find and hire them,” concludes Dev.