de Square: Steering an Eco-Centric Revolution in Design Space

Naveen GJ,Founder

Naveen GJ


Every one who courses through a tough day or busy schedule has an eternal hope in mind – their home. If built in-line with the nature and proportional with your tastes, it often transforms the moods and gives energy to bounce back in the next day. Thus, the one who loves nature to the crux isn’t ready to compromise on the greenery and look for architects who can infuse nature in their dream house. With decreasing size of houses, it is not possible for a landscape garden, hence de Square – a Bangalore based multidisciplinary design firm that leads a revolution in nature-centric home concept,takes it as a challenge and designs every house centered on nature. In fact, de Square created basement garden for one of its clients who loved to have one, but was short of space.

This is just one example; the company has the art to create vertical, horizontal, balcony, and other garden formats to include nature in its design, as its design breathes nature (sunlight
exposure, air circulation, and orientation).“In one of our recent projects, the site contained a tree. Cutting it was never an option; instead we made it a part of our design and the client was extremely happy.That’s the way we approach our projects,”asserts Naveen GJ, Founder, de Square.

de Square begins client-engagement by delving deep into their requirements, which helps the company to come up with unique, highly customized & strictly personalized designs

Tailor-made Designs
People’s design concepts are highly influenced by their lifestyle, and no design works without the comprehension of their concepts. de Square begins client-engagement by delving deep into their requirements, which helps the company to come up with unique, highly customized & strictly personalized designs. The company creates 3D model of the design and then acquaints clients with every tiny detail through a meticulous presentation. “We perceive success in providing value for money, and in turn make sure that our plans find the right balance between expense and its outcome,” adds Naveen.

Post design approval, a cost
estimation of the project with bill
of quantity (BOQ)is provided to the client. de Square even helps them in documentation process and finding a suitable contractor that fits the budget and subtly qualifies their requirements as well. de Square’s services are not limited to just designing the house on a piece of paper (building design, interior design, landscaping and including other elements like plumbing, electrical works, flooring, doors and others), but rather it engages with clients till the project turns into reality, and the keys are handed over to them.

Passion Comes First
Established in 2011, de Square focuses on client’s satisfaction and always travels in pursuit of passion. However, this passionate approach has benefited the company with a steady growth over the past six years in terms of number of projects and a healthy financial growth. In numerals, it has grown 50 percent year-after-year.Constituting a young team of architects who manifest extreme precision in completing projects within the timeline, de Square over the years has accomplished a gamut of environmental-friendly projects in Bangalore and many other cities in South India, with budgets starting from as small as Rs.15 lacs. “We will focus on our strategy to deliver 100 percent on every project, and train ourselves for the same. En route the future, we perceive revenue as a supplementary aspect that comes along with successful projects,” concludes Naveen.