Decorrazo: Creates Designs that Blends Imagination

 Naveen Kumar,  Director

Naveen Kumar


A house mirrors the persona of its denizens. As it is the only place in which we seek solace and ecstasy after spending long taxing hours and for this very reason our heart pines to mould it with all the exhilarating elements. This desire to get a perfect abode gets culmination when experts who hold prowess of building spaces that is aesthetical and as right as a rain. The talent of creatively, technically and professionally constructing dwelling places that enhances human lifestyle has received shrewd recognition and acclaim in the market. The penchant towards interior designing industry grew so much so that at the present day it stands to be a million dollar industry. This prosperity has enticed many creative minds one of them is the originators of Decorrazo an interior designing firm that endeavours to create designs that suits the fancy of its clients, stowing the crux of the very establishment. “Decorrazo is created upshot of our desire to craft out-off-the-box, beautiful and functional solutions to cater the hornets'nest of design manoeuvres,” states the Founder.

The company holds expertise in detecting the interior designing challenges and providing suitable and top notch solutions which are not only out of the ordinary but are bestowed at reasonable prices as well. Decorrazo concentrates on designing Modular Kitchen, Stylish Wardrobe, Office/Commercial
Interiors and Decor & Furnishing. It makes use of good quality material and furnishing a real functioning, spacious and comfortable living space. “In each of our work, we intend to maintain a professional and affirmative perspective in order to complete the work with acute proficiency, thoughtfulness, and distinctiveness. We keep interest in taking up all those assignments that can give us the opportunity to go to different vicinities, explore the area and bring to light the fascinating aspects. This installs new ideas and empowers us to make trailblazing contribution,” avers the Founder.

Transparency and being responsiveness are the two core values that Decorrazo

What is Special about Decorrazo!
Transparency and being responsiveness are the two core values that Decorrazo abides by. It believes n maintaining lucidity and honesty in its dealings. For which every important decision be it design or material related, the company involves the client and weigh up the essentials. It’s open to react and open to suggestion attitude has helped it building a positive rapport and affinity with its clients. In this manner, it has made room for the residents to take part in the activity of designing and fabricate the house of their dream house. “It is this transparency and responsiveness that has enabled us to have 68% lead conversion ratio and create a breath taking impact in the ecosystem. Listening and understanding clients are our main mantra to success,” the Founder expounds.

How has it Grown!
Decorrazo has been observing constructive growth at a regular pace since its nascent stage. The net worth of the company has grown by three times in the very year of its establishment. Its clients base has also seen and advancement which swelled enormously accelerating the number of projects. “The year 2019 has been great for us. We have experienced a promising growth in every aspect. We have increased our network as well which have increased our changes of substantial collaboration,” adds the Founder.

What does the Future Looks like!
Chennai based company, Decorrazo is all set to try its hand in other spaces and aspires to cohere to the value of time, cost and quality. On- time delivery has been one of its long-suits which it intends to maintain in the near times too. Nevertheless, it resolute to improve its customers experience with enhanced solutions and services.