Design BIM Studio: Indianizing Building Information Modeling Technology

Ar. Viral Bhatt,Founder & Director

Ar. Viral Bhatt

Founder & Director

If you are in India, it’s a great time to be in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) arena. The Indian construction industry is predicted to hit $690.9 billion by 2023, according to GlobalData. But it’s an undeniable fact that BIM is quite under used in the subcontinent. It’s because the majority of BIM Software & Tools are embedded with the global default templates, which are almost alien to the Indian construction scenario. But the hopes are still alive. With large scale experience of Global BIM market and local architectural design practice, along with several months of R&D efforts, Ahmedabad-based Design BIM Studio (DBS) has developed BIM templates that are adequate for local construction methodologies & site specific government norms.

Always Ahead of the Curve

Savoring a great headstart, DBS provides a wide range of services such as BIM & project management for an even wider range of project types from large scale Residential & Commercial projects to supplement project development. With DBS, it’s never about mere flavors of BIM. The company is one-of-its kind Design Studio in India, where full fledged BIM technology is used in its true sense right from the concept design stage to completion.

“DBS, as a BIM based design studio, demonstrates to our clients, governments, and academic institutes how one could leverage BIM as a central database to all project stakeholders from clients to
designers, contractors, and end users,” asserts Ar. Viral Bhatt, Founder & Director, Design BIM Studio. An award winning architect & BIM technology wizard, Viral is involved in helping thousands of students explore design & construction management through the lens of BIM technology.

The team is deliberately trained to cross function, which along with constant supervision & guidance from expert seniors helps the firm deliver efficiently in strict time frames

Viral, with the back-lift of an ingenious pool of Architects, Interior Designers & BIM Experts has established the principles of space and proportion using BIM as a working platform, where technology enhances creativity & innovation. Team DBS deploys full fledged BIM technology with clarity in objectives, a logical process, and creative execution, culminating in not only successful designs, but also quick turn around time & efficiency. Furthermore, the team is deliberately trained to cross function, which along with constant supervision & guidance from expert seniors helps the firm deliver efficiently in strict time frames; not to mention the multiple quality check points.

Experience Matters

Above all the technology propositions, clients, especially developers & constructors, have long expanded their focus to the overall experience, which is tethered to a seamless & hassle free engagement. “The challenge they face is the starting point of our inspiration and innovation,” proclaims Viral. DBS’ Project Managers work as single point of contact for clients, and if it’s a long term project, additionally prepare weekly progress reports and circulate the progress to all stakeholders. The company makes all the project files available on dedicated Secure Servers (accessible to clients), alongside managing & circulating RFI/FYI trackers as and when required.

It’s no wonder DBS within six years from inception has engendered a wide range of prestigious client ecosystem comprising of prominent local & international Real Estate Developers, Construction Companies, Project Management Consultants, Industrialists and Academicians. DBS however is all set to intrigue them more by lining-up more features in its offering like Augmented Reality and 360 degree visualizations.

Going forward, the company is constantly trying to bridge the knowledge gap in the AEC industry through quality discussions and by participating in events across the country. Viral is already a renowned keynote speaker at many of the leading institutions, including AICTE, CEPT University, and Nirma University, among others.