Design Integrated: Facilitating Architectural Designing to turn Dream into Reality


The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is on the rise and we’re seeing a major transformation especially, across residential, non-residential, and infrastructure areas. According to market reports, the global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2023, and it is forecast to grow at CAGR of 4.2 percent from 2018 to 2023. Established in 1998, and over the span of 17 years Design Integrated has distinguished themselves through expertise, reliability, personalized service and product quality. Design Integrated is a specialized AEC Consultant based in Dubai with their parent firm SIS BIM located in Hyderabad, India. The company provides services in architecture, engineering, interior design, planning, project management and BIM to the prospering economies of the Middle East and Indian market.

Design Integrated was professionally started in India by 2012. The company registered their firm in Hyderabad, and from there they provided their service in South Africa and India. The company offers all kind of services including design, structure, architecture, mechanical, landscape, building automation and so on. As the world is also going towards technology, the right platform is to integrate everything seamlessly into one platform. “Since we found lots of gaps in this industry, we build a single approach service which is integration. A lot of inter-disciplinary things need to be coordinated seamlessly so that we can provide right services to the client. The key stakeholders should be a position to understand the integrity of each and every discipline of architecture. Integrated delivery is our motto”, explains Brahmaji Rao, Managing Director, Design Integration.

As a young Dubai and India based firm, Design Integrated with a team of architects and engineers with international experience aimed to provide the services of the professional and design experience of different worlds to challenging possibilities of the prospering Middle East and Indian economy. The collaborative firm comprised
team of 20 members with high calibre and international experience from Gulf region. The firm caters to the needs of architects, engineers and consultants in the construction & manufacturing industries. Also, Design Integrated is a complete service provider in AEC. The company provides design services for various projects ranging from luxury residences, hotels, industrial warehouses and several other multi use developments. The company strives to fulfil the needs & budget of the client, without compromising on the quality of work and ensures to provide designs and solutions unique and tailor-made to suit the interests of the clients.
Brahmaji Rao,Managing Director

Moreover, the differentiating factor of the company is it understand the life cycle of any project and provide structural and mechanical elements in beginning itself. Design Integrated starts their work from design then to coordination and construction then move to operation and maintenance. Design and coordination take one year or so and construction depends on the size of the project and maintenance & operation are up to 25 years minimum and 50 years maximum. Because of this efficient work Design Integrated won Best Enterprise price in 2016 in Dubai.

The firm caters to the needs of architects, engineers and consultants in the construction & manufacturing industries

Furthermore, with one-stop solutions and services, the company is working on various projects from small villas to biggest shopping centres like Nakheel Mall in Dubai (biggest mall in Dubai). Design Integrated delivered modelling, design coordination, and drawings to the contractors. Though the company did not do the design, it was done by RSP Singapore and RSP Dubai but Design Integrated was working as sub-assistance to coordinate with the client. The company has also built two schools in Dubai, some renovation building and currently, Design Integrated is working on community centre in Hyderabad.