Disha Dwellings: Exhibiting a Panache for Quality Lifestyle through Disha Central Park

Gunaranjan J.,  Director
Gunaranjan J., Director
Engaging in a sustainable lifestyle is easier said than done in today's urban scenario. With the thirst for constant development, the ideation for sustainability often flies right into the face of developers who seek to bring-in the best of eco-friendly projects and infrastructural development together, making this a rather uncompromising situation. Amidst its love for eco-friendly projects and panache for an infrastructural development, Disha Dwellings conceptualized the Disha Central Park project that delicately balances this juxtaposition and ensures a sustainable & holistic lifestyle for its residents.

Rising above the Bengaluru skyline, Disha Central Park is a boutique residential development predefining luxury through environmental measures. The project's practices like the in-house sewage treatment plant, rain water harvesting, rain water storing facility and deployment of LED lights, reduces energy demands. Meanwhile, its impeccable green landscape, a tribute to the New York Central Park and Hyde Park, London, offers a renewed definition of judicial lifestyle while residing in the lap of luxury. “In our efforts to create a balanced lifestyle for our residents, we have created boutique residential spaces that epitomize our affinity with the nature as well as luxurious living, ensuring the best of both worlds for our customers,” asserts Gunaranjan J., Director, Disha Dwellings.

So how does Disha maintain a
balanced stance fulfilling every need of a residential project in today’s age? The answer lies in its philosophy of extreme customer care and innovation. Managed by a team of IT experts, Disha Central Park harbours the mouldings of experienced corporate minds and industrially proficient structural consultants who don’t shy away from investing extra capital and time in achieving a judicious project. Gunaranjan recalls, “We once deployed light weight Porotherm blocks after an affirmation from our consultants and though expensive, this new idea helped us achieve insulation for our apartments and not to mention, a higher turnaround time on the project”.

" Disha Central Park is a boutique residential development predefining luxury through environmental measures "

Amenities Beyond Convention
Set in 3.55 acres, Disha Central Park boasts of 304 high end luxury and vasthu compliant apartments near Varthur Lake with 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK & 3 BHK flats ranging from 1071 sq.ft. to 1667 sq.ft, priced at Rs.60 lakh upto Rs.90 lakh. Its upscale unconventionality attracts the customers with its lush surroundings and state-of-the-art infrastructure, complete with international amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, walking track and both indoor & outdoor recreational spaces. Furthermore, its strategic location in the heart of the city offers a high connectivity to tech parks like Sigma Tech Park & Prestige Tech Park, multi speciality hospitals like Columbia Asia Hospital, super markets and various reputed schools like New Horizon Gurkul within the radius of 5-6 kms, further boosting its credibility as the perfect residence for the urban dweller.

Furthermore, the resplendent Disha Central Park apartments are culminated into dream homes for many by Disha Dwelling’s reliable
tie-ups with banks like HDFC, SBI and many others. A unique designated team handholds the customers into understanding the nitti gritties of the financial and loan aspects, including tenure, mortgage, monthly payments, rate of interests and many other prerequisites suited to their requirements and budgets. Through this assistance, Disha Dwellings goes beyond the mere concept of real estate developers.

Raja Sekhar, Director

Also, Disha has signed-up with HOMEDRIFT for all its projects to provide construction updates, pricing changes and location news on a monthly basis to all its existing and potential home buyers. Detailed pictures of the interiors of each home are published along with the narrative on exact nature of work that happened in his/her home over the last month. “That way, customers don’t have to physically travel to the construction site to gather the same information and put themselves at risk, in a construction site,” says Gunaranjan.

This level of transparency and putting 'Customers First' has helped Disha earn good-will from end users and investors alike. Through its multiple projects like Disha Park West, Windsor Gardens and many other upcoming projects, the team envisions serving customers with their continuing commitment and excellent customer orientation.