Easyleases Technologies: Providing High Quality, Managed Living Solutions for Home Owners & Tenants

Manish Gupta, Shital Kumar Bhagat & Senthil Sundaram,,  Co-Founders & Directors
Manish Gupta, Shital Kumar Bhagat & Senthil Sundaram
Co-Founders & Directors

The property management sector in India is flourishing with huge value driven by growing demand for housing, overall economic growth and rising employment driven migration to cities. Yet, a horde of property owners still adopt DIY models or engage with brokers to manage their rental properties ending-up draining their time, energy and money. In fact, there exists a huge dearth in awareness and acceptability of hiring a professional property management services(PMS) provider among property owners. On the demand side, there is a definite gap between the expectations of the tenants and the actual living conditions.

It is this gap that Easyleases addresses as an end-to-end PMS provider with relentless focus in fulfilling property owners’ needs & expectations, whilst providing high quality, managed living spaces for tenants. Ranging from furnishing, property marketing & tenant acquisition, legal documentations, tenant move in/out formalities, maintenance, property audit, and more, Easyleases serves as a one-stop solution for all of the property management needs of the owners.

This DIPP-recognized startup was founded in 2017 by Manish Gupta, Shital Kumar Bhagat and Senthil
Sundaram as they came to recognize a significant gap in comprehensiveness, transparency, property owner focus and execution excellence in the way property management solutions were being delivered. The co-founders collectively have over 50 years of experience across marketing, technology, sales, finance and management in companies such as Microsoft, Accenture, Karvy Wealth, and others.

"Easyleases leverages technology as a key enabler to deliver its PMS in a transparent and seamless manner to all stakeholders"

Transforming Living Spaces Through Professional Management
Manish explains, “We place great emphasis on the aspect of property management while most PMS players focus on just maximizing rental incomes. In our view & experience, rental income maximization automatically follows sound property management”. The ability to stay flexible with the property owners by offering them multiple leasing options to optimize their rental income and providing them on-time rental guarantee is amongst the firm’s key strengths. The leasing options include full house for families or bachelors and shared/co-living accommodation for working professionals.

Easyleases is now doubling-down on its managed shared-living accommodation business for students & working professionals. Shital says, “In the B2B2C space, we infuse demonstrable value into co-living & PG accommodation properties using our tech platform, helping streamline rental collections, and use our management expertise in
upgrading quality of living at these properties”. The firm offers complete digitization & automation of rent collection, transparency for the residents with its online dashboard and efficient administration, amongst others, to help uplift living quality.

Leveraging Technology To Deliver Transparent & Efficient PMS
Easyleases leverages technology as a key enabler to deliver its PMS in a transparent and seamless manner to all stakeholders. Both property owners & tenants can view their lease information namely deposits, rental payments, lease expiry alert, and others, in real-time through the online dashboard. This significantly bridges mthe trust deficit that has traditionally existed in this market between lessors and lessees. The platform leverages Open Source technologies and is Cloud-hosted. A rich, interactive app is on its way, while the firm’s responsive website offers an app like experience.

The processes are simple, hand holding the property owner at every stage of the process. The PMS fee, applied only when the property is let-out, is a certain percentage of monthly rent. Senthil emphasizes, “Transparency & fair business practices are at the core of our company’s DNA. Our intent is to grow rapidly but responsibly, never compromising on our core principles of offering transparent, property owner-focused services and execution excellence”.

Now in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, Easyleases presently manages over 50 properties and offers around 500 beds in the co-living space. Over the next 18-24 months, the company eyes expansion to Tier-1 cities and grow beds capacity to over 5000.