Ecoscapes Landscaping: The Future-Scaping of Eco-Landscaping

Suraj Nayak,Founder & MD

Suraj Nayak

Founder & MD

Living your childhood in an Indian village means that you live your life around a lot of myths. However, many of them engendered a gently calming effect. The soothing myth about greenery is one among them. In my childhood, whenever there was a tiny thorn beneath the skin, my grandmother used to pick them up with a needle, asking me to look at the green leaves, so that I won’t feel the pain. It always worked! While living in the concrete jungle that springs up with each passing moment, today, we hardly recognize the small, but huge influence the greenery once had on many of us. In truth, this influence is not confined to forests, valleys or villages. Studies after studies depict that just about any kind of greenery from soccer fields to local parks and even a vertical garden on your minuscule balcony can progressively transform your mood and boost your mental health, as long as it reflects the freshness you desire to have. Over the past decade, Ecoscapes Landscaping Private Limited a Bangalore-based premier landscaping company has been quite appreciable with its endeavors towards creating such a green effect on people that lasts for a lifetime.

Fulfilling Commitments
Ecoscapes is built on a strong vision, which is instituted around the cognizance that living wrapped up in greenery is a concept that goes beyond our own mental wellness to fulfill our responsibility to preserve the ecological balance of the environment. Consisting of a team of 50 professionals who are driven by this vision and marshaled by Suraj Nayak (Founder & MD) and Vinay Narayanappa (Director), the company offers every landscaping service that you can name. Be it any need from Vertical/Terrace Garden to Hardscape& Softscape, Landscape Irrigation & Lighting, Swimming Pools,and even Turfsmanagement, the wide horizon of Ecoscapes’services offer everything from complete Landscape Designing to Development, and Annual Maintenance. The energetic team delivers. Period.

“We always ensure that the exterior reflects your personality and soothes the inner you as good as the interior does. Our knowledge, a decade of wisdom, and the team’s strong passion being the fuel, we satisfy our customers’ entailment with a wrap of beautiful & serene nature around them,” asserts Suraj.
"Our knowledge, a decade of wisdom, and the team’s strong passion being the fuel, we satisfy our customers’ entailment with a wrap of beautiful & serene nature around them"

In the yesteryear, among the clients who met with the tremendous capabilities of Ecoscapes was Karnataka State Police(KSP), after the force decided to create a green park around the Police Memorial. Needless to say, every construction in the city of Bangalore is a challenge due to its dense nature. A park in the heart of the city is even more challenging accounting to stringent time restrictions and hassles of material movement. But with excellent operational strategies devised in coordination with the Director General of the Karnataka Police, Neelamani Raju, the company completed the project within the stipulated time period. Its experience & expertise with the Mexican Feather Grass(Nassella or Stipa tenuissima) made a real difference in the outcome. For depicting the vision of the entire police force, the park was awarded as ‘The Best Memorial Park in Bangalore’ by the then Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka Dr. G. Parameshwara.

Challenges vs. Innovation
“Be it constructing a memorial park in the heart of the city, landscaping a residential project, or creating an aesthetic garden in a tiny balcony, every project comes with its own challenges. It can be technical,weather, temperature or the combination of all them,” adjoins Suraj. For instance, the people with a very less amount of sunlight in their residence would still aspire having a garden. Ecoscapes never disappoints them. It always comes up with sustainable alternatives like Zen garden and suggests plants that don’t require much sunlight. “We never disappoint a customer who approaches to us with a sea of expectations,”he adds.

The credit goes to Ecoscapes'R&D that converts every singlechallenge into an opportunity and eventually
a success through constant and ceaseless efforts. In a country which is home to almost 18 percent of the world’s total population, most of us don’t have the luxury of ample landscaping space. Ecoscapes’ R&D efforts today are largely projected towards mitigating this gap with more sustainable vertical gardens. The company has made it further sustainable by integrating an automatic irrigation technology embedded with timers, while promising even better modules in the future. Developed in its R&D center, Ecoscapes also offers a small private/balcony garden package to the individual apartment owners that will be accomplished within a week’s time.

Ecoscapes is built on a strong vision, whichis instituted around the cognizance that living wrapped up in greenery

The passion and deep rooted experience always steer Ecospacians to maintain the quality intact, regardlessof the project size and time stipulations. Ecoscapes is home to a highly experienced Quality Assurance team, which during the entire course of the project from design to raw materials & product collection, execution, and maintenance ensures that every stage is certified. “Obliged to strict parameters and a stringent in house policy, our quality head handpicks each product. On the other
hand, when it comes to the selection of materials, we take prior approval from the client, so that it never fails to match their aspirations,” adds Suraj. A streamlined process built on a cloudbased platform further compliments the quality, alongside providing clients with a hasslefree experience. It accounts for all the functions including sourcing raw materials vendor payments, and customer engagements. The clients are also enabled to book an appointment online and get the site survey done, and the executive will provide them with an online update of the possibilities.

The Future scaping
While celebrating a decade of its journey the first step to prioritizing nature with utmost care of its balance Ecoscapes over the years has chiseled its skills to match the dynamics of customer aspirations and global trends. “At Ecoscapes, we care about a healthy future. We take pride in serving residential & commercial developers, including health care providers, educational institutions, parks, and private residences in Bangalore,” adds Suraj. The 120 people strong field-force of the company has also built a reputation for themselves, being attentive to details and flexible with scheduling, and in turn ensuring customer satisfaction. The company thus boasts of prestigious clientele that incorporates blue chip companies like Aditya Birla Group, Sobha Group, and Marriott Group.

Having pursued an amazing growth track ever since its inception, Ecoscapes today looks forward to revolutionize the industry. “Most of the products used in this niche industry are imported from countries like Singapore and Germany. This makes the costs skyrocket. We want to make our landscaping services more affordable to the customers by locally manufacturing these products,” concludes Suraj. In addition to Ecoscapes’ plans to expand from Bangalore to other cities in the near future, creating awareness about the importance of having a wrap of nature around is also on the cards.

Key Management:
Suraj Nayak, Founder & MD
Possessing a PGDM in Horticulture, Suraj is a passionate professional with more than a decade of experience in the industry. He looks after the core operational and R&D functions.

Vinay Narayanappa, Director
Vinay is an MBA, who brings in a wealth of business management experience to the company. He is responsiblefor the marketing and client relationships, along with management of its maintenance division.

Clients Talk:
“Thank you for our beautiful new ‘front!’ Your crew was outstanding, neat, tidy, and very professional! It was a complete pleasure working with Ecoscapes,” ~ Lakshmikanth, Apex Group

“No hesitation to hire his company(Ecoscapes) for the landscape project at our home. I now have the peace of mind, knowing that our project was done right and built to last. I would not change a thing,” ~ Sreenivasulu, IBM

“From the start to finish, we were thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the operation. The work was completed to budget and ahead of schedule and the quality of workmanship is outstanding,”~ Rajini Mohan, BTM Dollars Colony

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment: 2009
Office: Bangalore

•Landscape Designing
•Urban Planning
•GreenWall/Vertical Garden
•Terrace Garden
•Water Feature
•Landscape Irrigation
•Landscape Lighting
•Swimming Pools
•Swimming Pool Annual Maintenance
•Artificial Turf Management
•Customized Architectural Landscape Design from Construction to Maintenance
•Aquatic Ponds
•FRP Planters