Estates Management: Managing Properties Responsibly

Abhishek Kumar, Founder & CEO,Sanath Kumar, Executive Director

Abhishek Kumar

Founder & CEO

Having a property is an asset but its maintenance and management is a hectic liability for its owner. There are many processes involved in managing a property like interior, cleaning, architecture, etc. For all these services one has to meet a lot of people and spend a lot of money, with almost zero-guarantee for work. There's a need for a service provider where a property-owner can get all such property-related services under one roof.

Estates Management is one such leading property management and maintenance company in Bengaluru. The company has more than a decade of and it has made them experts in the field. Estates Management provides best-quality and on-time hassle-free services to the property-owners living in Bengaluru as well as abroad.

Major metro cities in India like Bengaluru, Mumbai, etc. are a part of the booming rental market, due to the government regulations, tax deductions, and the fast-paced growth of property-management companies across these cities. As per a report by Fastfox, India's residential rental market size is around USD 32 Billion annually.

As the rental market witnesses further demand in housing due to mass migrations into these cities, India is warming up to rental trends like Shared-living and Co-living spaces. Also, the NRIs are taking the advantage of these favorable market
conditions as they offer higher rental income and capital appreciation. Estates Management also helps NRI home-owners for safeguarding and maintaining their property for self-occupancy at a later date.

Comprehensive Services for All Properties
Estates Management offers complete residential or commercial property related services from buying, selling, reselling, or renting to the overall maintenance of the property. These include interiors, painting, cleaning, pest control, and handyman services. Also, the company provides full home renovation works like rectifying tiles, false ceiling, common areas, kitchen, and every aspect of the home. All these works are carried out by Estates Management's strong in-house team of architects, designers, project managers, relationship managers, and professional service providers.

The company's main focus is customer satisfaction by providing on-time service with a hassle-free experience. Estates Management deals with a variety of assets like residential apartments, commercial properties, land leasing, buying and selling transactions, rental, and other property management services. Estates management is a one-stop solution for all kinds of properties.

As an experienced and a customer-focused organization, Estates Management believes that its clients must be able to manage and maintain their property seamlessly, remotely, and timely

Estates Management is a tenant-friendly company that treats them as their partners and collaborate with them to make rental simple and profitable for both. Estates Management charges zero brokerage from the tenant. The tenants have to just pay rent and enjoy their stay at the property. Also, the property unit is given to the tenant is professionally cleaned and fully functional at fair terms. The company uses the latest CRM (Customer Relation-ship Management) technologies and apps like File Transfer and a few other for speedy and easy paperwork, a common WhatsApp group for maintaining transparency, a website for online presence, Zoom calls for video conferences between the property-owner and purchaser or tenant.

Estates Management ensures that every property owner can manage their property effortlessly and get the best-value while renting out or selling the property. This has made the Estates Management - Bengaluru's most customer-friendly and customer-centric property management company.