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Sajith K.Unni, Managing Director

Sajith K.Unni

Managing Director

In January 2015, the government owned International Aquatics Complex at Pirappancode, Trivandrum, was chosen to host the National Swimming Competition during the 35th National Games. Great preparations were underway and the government roped-in Eternity Pools & Gardens Pvt. Ltd. (EPG), a swimming pool expert, to carry-out water treatment. While conducting the services, Sajith K Unni, Managing Director, EPG, was told by the officials that the pool is leaking and so far not able to solve it. It was a major leak in the swimming pool which if not addressed in time would have led to an embarrassment for the organizers. The judicious entrepreneur took it upon his shoulders to find and plug the leak of his own accord that the entire state machinery has been trying to solve. Being a pool designer and having done over 1000 projects abroad and in India, he not only found and plugged the leak, but also carried-out water treatment, filtration plant repair and maintenance for the Olympic size pool, practice pool and diving pool within just seven days. Team EPG and Sajith ensured that the location was made ready according to the norms setout by the Indian Olympics and Aquatic Associates within a record time of 10 days. His dedicated and vigilant hard work was recognized by the government of Kerala and Sajith & EPG were hailed as heroes by the local media.

However, this is not an isolated incident, as completing projects to perfection is a norm at EPG. Founded in 2012 by Sajith, the one-stop-shop for turnkey pool construction work is fuelled by its founder’s knowledge, dedication and vision. Armed with vast know how, the firm now engages in manufacturing, import supply fabrication and trading of materials, spares and equipment required for construction and maintenance of residential swimming pools, commercial swimming pools, competition/Olympic pools, practice pools, diving pools, lap pools, water polo pools, kids pools, fountains, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi installations.

A judicious entrepreneur who brings to the table 16 years of experience in the Middle East, Sajith has now embarked on a journey to dethrone the monopoly of global giants in the swimming pool equipment manufacturing industry through his other venture, Voltech Pools Pvt. Ltd. The promising startup was the first Indian firm to manufacture and export swimming pool equipment and is now in the process of setting-up a state-of-the-art factory at KINFRA Park, Trivandrum. Through his industry expertise and visionary plans, Sajith has not only successfully challenged several preconceived notions of the industry, but has also brought forth Kerala on the global entrepreneurial altar.

Dethroning Monopoly of Global Brands
The swimming pool equipment industry in India has traditionally been dominated by a few global giants, especially from Europe. While these organizations procured their materials from factories in China, they sold them at a much higher price with only a one year warranty. As the industry evolved and acts such as RERA came into play, the government mandated that every seller must provide 3-5 years warranty. “Unfortunately, most companies were only interested in making fast money. So, they would keep making minor changes to the product and re-launch it as a new range of products. If and when clients required any spares after a year or two, the companies would say that the model had been discontinued and would subsequently force customers to buy the complete system again,” explains Sajith.

Upon understanding the inner workings of the swimming pool equipment and construction industry, he realized the need for a local manufacturer who could bring affordable and quality products to the market. Unshaken by his mighty competitors, Sajith believed that it was time for him to give back to the industry that had given him all his past successes. Although he was advised against investing his hard earned money in Kerala since the state was not considered conducive for a bussing entrepreneur, he felt strongly about bringing forth Kerala as the epicenter for this revolution. “I believe that if your intention is correct and your product is unparalleled in terms of quality, none of these challenges can deter one from winning,” narrates Sajith.

He thus began his journey in 2012 by founding EPG, a firm that rendered consultancy for swimming pool equipment, swimming pool design, estimation and turnkey construction. Initially, EPG also
imported material from Chinese factories and marketed it under the brand name Voltech. The market took some time to come to terms with the fact that the quality of products being sold by the global giants and Voltech were the same. EPG overcame this challenge gradually and won-over several clients by rendering a three-year warranty as compared to one year warranty being provided by other players. EPG then developed some of its own swimming pool equipment that were manufactured in Mumbai and Coimbatore. The company now manufactures 60 percent of all its products in India and has become the largest swimming pool equipment manufacturing company and pool builder in South India. “I started manufacturing swimming pool filters, which is the heart of a swimming pool, and currently, we are the only Indian manufacturer to export products to the Gulf,” informs Sajith.

Having worked on over 1000 projects for construction, design and maintenance of swimming pools throughout his career, Sajith is privy to the challenges faced while constructing and during maintenance of a swimming pool

Innovative Products & Projects
Having worked on over 1000 projects for construction, design and maintenance of swimming pools throughout his career, Sajith is privy to the challenges faced while constructing and during maintenance of a swimming pool. Leveraging this knowledge, he has improvised upon the designs of the products manufactured by Voltech, such as the water filtration equipment which is used to treat pool water. The filters are now available in different sizes and capacities based on the size of the swimming pool. Voltech’s product roster includes laminated sand filters that come with a guarantee of 15 years.

Sajith has also designed an innovative underwater LED light which can be fixed inside plaster without puncturing concrete which helps avoid any leakages. The one-of-a-kind design incorporates 316 grade stainless-steel and comes with a five-year warranty. The company also specializes in manufacturing competition equipment such as starting platforms, ladders, storage reels for float lines and anchors, among others. The firm has steadily grown its roster of products that include all accessories required for a swimming pool and only imports pumps and fittings.

Dedicated towards the quality of its products, the company initially tests all its products in a swimming pool at Sajith’s residence. “We check for the longevity and quality before launching a product into the market. In case a client faces a problem with one of our products, we have a policy to provide replacement with no questions asked,” informs Sajith. EPG and Voltech’s sales, design and production team works tirelessly to understand the needs of its clients and improvises on the products according to the customer feedback. Being a local player, the firm enjoys a cost advantage in terms of logistics and marketing, and thus forwards it to clients.

Playing on its quality and strength of knowledge, EPG boasts of having completed a host of prestigious projects for large hotels, government departments, IT companies and individuals. A landmark project by EPG is the swimming pool that the company built for the State Police (one-of-a-kind chlorine-free swimming pool), which has become a benchmark in terms of quality. The company is also credited to building the largest fish pond in captivity and the tallest floating fountain for UST Global, an IT services provider.

Going Global
While EPG and Voltech have worked with a host of prestigious clients and has redefined the swimming pool equipment manufacturing industry, Sajith believes that his biggest achievement is the difference the company has made to several people’s lives. “The company now employs over 100 permanent staff and 100 non-permanent staff whose life is directly impacted by my venture,” proudly says Sajith. He has also been a strong proponent of promoting Kerala as a favorable destination for entrepreneurs. “Despite Kerala being known to be a hostile place for conducting business, especially for an NRI who is not accustomed to the workings of the state, I could build a company that became a known name in South India,” he adds. Sajith acknowledges the support that he received from the Kerala Government in terms of resources and opportunities. The astute entrepreneur is gearing-up to establish a large factory in KINFRA Park which would manufacture all swimming pool equipment under one roof. The firm that currently manufactures 60-70 filters, 40-50 starting platforms and equipment required for about 40 swimming pools in a month, will experience a threefold increase in production once the new factory is functional.

Additionally, Sajith is also planning to launch a swimming pool tile manufacturing factory in the years to come, which will be a first-of-its-kind project in South India.

•Having traveled extensively and visited hundreds of factories across China and other nations, Sajith believes that the only thing separating Indian manufacturers from their international counterparts is the lack of global mindset. Leveraging its additional manufacturing abilities, Voltech now intends to go beyond the realms of local business and establish itself as a dominant player in the global market. Already having an established distribution channel in UAE, EPG and Voltech are now gearing-up to expand their presence in Malaysia and Rwanda with his partners in Dubai, Bright Environmental LLC who has presence in these countries. The seasoned businessman is keen to participate in World Trade Exhibitions in Barcelona and Conton in order to introduce the European, Middle Eastern and South-East Asian market to Voltech’s innovative products. Moving along pragmatically with tenacity, Sajith is leading Voltech and EPG to rewrite the rules of the swimming pool industry across the globe.

Sajith K Unni, Managing Director
Armed with 16 years of expertise in the swimming pool industry, Sajith is a bona fide swimming pool specialist consultant. Having worked in the Middle-East with a plethora of prestigious clients, he has now been extending free consultancy services to Kerala State Sports Council, Govt. of Kerala for designing and developing swimming pools within the state.

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