Excelize: Empowering AEC Industry through BIM Tech

Pratap Dhopte, Managing Director

Pratap Dhopte

Managing Director

India is one of the fastest-growing construction markets of the world, growing at eight percent every year. Estimates suggest that India’s construction market will be the third largest in the world, with a size of $1 trillion by 2025. This means an increasing need of better collaboration & communication, model-based cost estimation, preconstruction project visualization, improved coordination & clash detection, reduced cost & mitigated risk, improved scheduling, and many more. What better than BIM to address this!

Helping the industry reap these benefits is Aurangabad based Excelize, a leader in BIM and Engineering Design Support services for building construction and infrastructure projects for various Architects, Design-Build Contractors and Engineering Firms. The firm works on large scale projects like Airport Terminals, IT Commercial Complexes, Retail Spaces, Highrise buildings, and more for clients across India, UK, US, UAE & Qatar. Exclusively providing BIM services and working as BIM consultants for the past 13 years has earned the company ground experience and expertise, and hence is able to bring that knowledge to its AEC clients.

Excellent Services

In the recent times, AEC professionals have sought for insights and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. Excelize helps them achieve this through its roster of services comprising of 3D modeling, coordination & clash detection, scan to BIM, engineering design services, 4D & 5D BIM, BIM & facilities management integration, shop drawings, on site support,BIM consulting and digital integration.

Excelize adheres to an innovative and advanced working model providing various benefits to the clients. The firm works with transparency from the earliest stages of conceptualization to the final phases of design and construction. It all starts with a
strong & focused 3D BIM modeling. The Level of Detail(LOD) is then decided depending on the client’s goal of building the model, following clash detection & risk mitigation, ensuring effective identification, inspection, and reporting of interferences in the project model. Beyond these benefits, clients also use the model for construction simulation-4D, cost planning-5D, facilities management 6D and more.

We have built in processes that help us improve the efficiency which augments the delivery being done as scheduled and thus helps us complete projects in restricted time frame

“Documenting the existing structures for record or remodeling is becoming very essential nowadays, and the most accurate way to do this is by laser scanning and converting the point cloud data to BIM,” explains Pratap Dhopte, Managing Director, Excelize. Hence, the company bets high on this service. It even assists with 4D, 5D and BIM implementation during the construction process while educating the entire supply chain on a project so that they can see the real benefit of the technology -the focus for achieving the next level of growth. Excelize has a multitier internal QA & Review system that leverages inhouse developed checklists and propriety tools to get precise and accurate results.

Sonali Dhopte, Co-Founder& Technical Director

How it all Starts?

Excelize is a detail oriented company. Every conversation with client starts with knowing their schedule for design, construction, handover and others, post which it prepares a precontract schedule and revises it at award of client. Excelize then develops a delivery schedule for every execution, which is reviewed and revised with every addition or change in information. “We have built-in processes that help us improve the efficiency which augments the delivery being done as scheduled and thus helps us complete projects in restricted time frame,” adds Pratap. Besides, collaboration tools like BIM 360, C4R and others help Excelize keep its clients updated on the progress of their projects. It even places team members at client’s overseas locations for critical junctures in a project.

“We are working on using the latest technology tools of deep learning and machine learning to automate the important and time consuming parts of BIM modeling,” concludes Pratap. No wonder, the company is looking at a revenue of Rs.30+ crore by 2022, which doesn’t seem a distant dream.