Freebhk: Promising End-to-End Property Management in an Absolute Hassle Free & Transparent Manner

Prakhar Srivastava ,  Co-Founder & Director

Prakhar Srivastava

Co-Founder & Director

Real Estate is everywhere we look and yet is the most unorganized sector that can be taken for granted. Also, because it affects every one, i.e., from customers to investors and neighbours to employees, real estate is not easy to manage. The process of buying and owning property is rarely simple or straightforward and furthermore, owning a distant property poses additional challenges. In out of state properties where local home ownership is nearly impossible, finding a property management company is one of the most reliable ways to preserve the value. Enters FREEBHK, a property management company that wants to create a polished real estate market in the country by sharing its knowledge about the same.

Based out of New Delhi, FREEBHK was started in 2015, with the aim to provide a hassle-free process to homeowners and tenants while eliminating middlemen. FREEBHK stands for hassle free Renting and the basic services provided by the company are the protection of property and safeguarding it for the owners. The organization has been able to provide excellent services even to the NRIs, who do not visit the country very often, by managing their property. The firm is on a mission to take care of the property for the home
owners while managing it by selecting responsible tenants so that it doesn't go out of shape. FREEBHK also provides services and takes care of the wear and tear of the property, rental issues, contracts and paper works, and legal issues by getting the work done.

We are very well versed on legal matters pertaining to realestate & we keep updating our clients on that as well

What differentiates FREEBHK from other players in the competitive market is its focus on providing quality service. The company strives to never compromise on quality even though there are many competitors in the market providing the same service at a lower cost. 90 percent of the clientele are NRI at FREEBHK. The NRI ecosystem and tax benefits provided to them makes it an extremely sticky solution, apart from ontime monthly rental payment, an inhouse team to solve issues, the legal team for evictions, a thorough inspection of property every three months with reports provided to the home owners, documentation and police verification and background check of the tenants. "We are very well versed on legal matters pertaining to the real estate and we keep updating our clients on that as well", informs Prakhar Srivastava, Co-Founder & Director.

Future Roadmap
FREEBHK was started in Delhi and through impeccable service in the last seven years, the firm has managed to grab many customers in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Greater Noida under the leadership of Bhawani Srivastava and Prakhar Srivastava, Co-Founders. The organization envisions expanding its network in various cities in India and is in discussion with investors and collaborators over the matter. FREEBHK has its own technology and development team and is in the process of rolling out a high-tech mobile app, with an aim to enhance its services by analyzing the issues the homeowners might have and providing them with information based on current market needs. The organization aims to strengthen its position as one of the leaders in providing home management services through constant efforts of its trends and analysis based reports. FREEBHK also envisions bringing in innovations while maintaining the standard of quality and aims to keep growing and providing the best quality management services to its existing and upcoming clients.