Friendly Realtors & Property Management: Fortifiers of Properties, Chauffeuring Profit-based Ownership Solutions

Anthony Raj,Managing Director

Anthony Raj

Managing Director

In 2014, a Goan native encountered ruthless problems with his rented property in Bangalore, whose tenant misused the residential assets for commercial purposes, causing numerous infrastructural damages. While these reflected only the physical aspects, the client also fell victim to grievous threats receiving only a menial portion of rent, when compared to the existing rent-rates in the market. Left in a state of dilemma and anguish, the client sought help of the most reliable professionals existing in the market- Friendly Realtors & Property Management (FRPM). With excellent execution and skill, the company not only restored the original beauty of the property, but also succeeded in renting it out for a price beyond the existing market-value (from a mere Rs. 40,000 to a whopping Rs. 77,000). Every stage was carried out ensuring all the terms &conditions were met as per the standards of the Karnataka Rent Act (1999), thereby earning the client’s confidence, while adding another feather to its cap.

Established in 2003, currently under the headship of Anthony Raj(Managing Director), FRPM flourished as a promising real-estate/property-management
company, partaking in managing the full life-cycle(buying/selling or property rental, documentation, background checks, facilitating agreements and provision of legal advisory services among others)of itsclient's properties. Resuscitating the returns of property owners,FRPM guarantees that a property(residential/commercial) always stays rented, with a package of offerings ranging from provision of assurance certificates and professional consultations.

"Resuscitating the returns of property owners, FRPM guarantees that a property(rented/commercial) always stays rented"

Chanting ‘build a home on rock, and not on sand’ mantra, the company advocates complete pre/post property evaluation with significant maintenance strategies and automated processes to boost profit-margins. Furthermore, its association with CREA(I)and NAR,FRPM, assures every seller, buyer, landlord & tenant that they will receive the highest level of customer services with no compromise on quality, enabling long-term relationships with the property-owner. Thereby drawing the company’s success with 60 percent word-of-mouth referrals.

Guaranteeing Assured Homes with Meticulous Processes
Tendering meticulous processes to assess client requirements and setting objectives, FRPM conducts free health-check property inspections and modest property promotions to seek suitable tenants, draft rental-agreements, conduct periodical maintenance checks and share comprehensive reports to concerned stakeholders. These services form
only the crust of the firm's motives sandwiched along with promoting go-green initiatives and services using solar-energy, composting food-waste, endorsing rain-water harvesting and so forth.

Affirming that technology is the perfect solution to bridge tenant-owner gaps, FRPM offers contemporary tech-based services formulating strategies to cut down on maintenance ultimately. Be it technological advancements with home automation solutions, leakage detectors or security alarms, the company ensures the best security management systems. Moreover, in accordance with FRPM’s ‘Vendor Management Process’, every vendor is carefully scrutinized with KYC verification, and measured by the ‘Vendor Rating Process’.

With its augmented experience, FRPM tackles issues utilizing enriched professional attention and predefined service-level agreements, additionally providing insurance for the property with coverage on theft and natural calamities.

‘Customer-First’ Succeeds FRPM Prospects
While stringent property evaluation services are put in place, FRPM ensures that the right value for a property is derived, with an established goal of cutting-down costs based on the utility of natural resources, products and services. Currently in the process of completing its ISO certification (ISO 9001:2015), the company’s ‘Customer-First’ motto, reflects a belief that buildings aren't just about steel/glass and concrete, rather they are about dreams, aspirations, and ambitions of those who live in them.