H2O Pools: Leaders in Luxurious Crafty Swimming Pool Designs

Jignesh Sona, Director

Jignesh Sona


Besides the huge health benefits, swimming also offers a means to provide relaxation and peace of mind in a short period of time. A swimming pool is where people of all age groups can have equal fun and is a great place for socializing. It is one of the reasons why swimming pools are becoming widely popular in the modern homes and apartment complexes in India. Gone are the days when swimming pools came in one size and shape. Due to the intervention of latest technology and designs in swimming pool, the swimming pools have become the centrepiece attraction that uplifts the whole ambience of the property. Catering to the unique bespoke design requirements of the client, H2O Pools, one of India’s leading swimming pool designers and installers, has a long standing reputation for imaginative designs and superb craftsmanship. Quality and creativity is evident in every project undertaken by H2O as it takes great pride in using quality materials and talented craftsman.

For instance, when a client approached H2O to build a hydro therapy swimming pool where his arthritic mother could get in and out without the help of pool ladder, H2O designed a hydraulic chair which acts like a pool lift. It also added massage jets on the
walls and floors to give the best experience and relaxation. This is one instance of H2O going the extra mile to meet the specific needs of its clientele. Discussion, suggestion and planning before each project support the blending of the ideas and vision of the client with the architectural design of the property and thereby create exquisite swimming pools of client’s taste, just like the above mentioned. The range of services offered by H2O extends to outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, commercial swimming pools, readymade pools, endless lap pools, waterscapes, and nature pools. Besides swimming pools, H2O assists clients in building beautiful swim spa, saunas and steam rooms.

Our objective is to make customers’ pool experience worry and hassle-free both during the construction and enjoyment

Worry & Hassle Free Service
Without proper maintenance, pool can develop issues such as algae growth, unpleasant odor and cloudy water, and belie the purpose of its construction. This is a big worry especially for private residences as maintaining the pool can be a complicated task. H20 addresses this worry by offering easy to maintain solutions and advanced technology where man power is not involved in the cleaning. “Our objective is to make customers’ pool experience worry and hassle free both during the construction and enjoyment. With this objective in mind, we provide the latest equipment from all over the world, extremely reliable advice, in-depth information on design & maintenance, and effective project management,” says Jignesh Sona, Director, H2O Pools.

The expertise in maintenance perfected over many years allows the company to offer annual maintenance contract for homes as well as commercial facilities. Innovation and knowledge up gradation is a constant at H2O which enables it to stay on top of the game. Latest equipment from all around the world, extremely reliable advice, indepth design and maintenance and effective project management means H2O is able to garner high efficiency level in water and energy conservation. Its client-centric unique model of operation has helped the company grow at an astounding rate of 30-40 percent every year from its inception in 2009. It further hopes to improve its service footprint. “We want to open our offices PAN India and give the best experience to our clients,” concludes Jignesh Sona.