Hardik Joshi Architects: Creating Luxurious Design Concepts for Modern Living

Hardik Joshi, Founder

Hardik Joshi


India’s infrastructure development initiatives are driving the need for creative and skilled architects that bring something unique to the table. Drawing inspiration from various sources both traditional and modern, architects are playing a pivotal role in designing the nation’s infrastructure. Whether it be designing private projects or commercial ones, architects are taking the lead for shaping new structural trends. Within this segment, Hardik Joshi Architects, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Mumbai, stands out as a detail-oriented team dedicated to creating functional yet aesthetic spaces. From the most prominent areas to the minutest corners of each space, Hardik Joshi Architects designs every bit of space for every project it undertakes.

Design Vocabulary

The company’s range of architectural, interior design, and landscape designing services extend to residential, commercial, institutional, as well as recreational projects. In carrying out these projects and ensuring that the clients’ requirements are met perfectly, the firm utilizes a unique tool known as design vocabulary. This helps in generating artistic buildings by considering the scale and proportions of the structure.

“India has strong roots in the architecture where historical forts, palaces and havelis become an inspiration for me which defines luxurious traditional values and culture of India where planning of every tiny space with multiple usages according to time frame creates uniqueness in itself.

So our design vocabulary creates the chapter of civilization and cultural environment with a modern approach which is the threshold to
reach treasures of architecture, enhancing the urban lifestyle of living”, shares Hardik Joshi, Founder, Hardik Joshi Architects. To bring out the uniqueness of every project, the team considers factors like site location, scale of project, culture of the region, and many other factors to create a distinctive identity for the structure. With the goals of bringing happiness and enjoyment to people by creating exceptionally flexible and versatile spaces where design, mobility, and functionality go hand-in-hand, and which attract social life, Hardik Joshi Architects plans every inch of the room with utmost care and precision. This quality of bringing architectural design elements even to often neglected spaces is what sets the team apart. “We also focus on the interior designing aspect of building creation which is a strong branch related to architecture.

Without proper interior planning, a building fails to achieve functionality. So it is important to have a deep detail of interior space planning. Creating inviting, interactive, family gathering spaces are the part of interior layout, which is like rendering the interior soul of the people. We implement a combination of strategies to create unique interiors to match the clients’ lifestyles”, further shares Hardik.Just as the soul completes the human body, so does landscape complete a building. In India, landscape architecture has historical roots, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of forts and palaces. Today, it extends to urban settings, bringing serenity to high-rise environments. Hardik Joshi Architects prioritize this integration, harmonizing architecture with nature for enriched living spaces.

Hardik Joshi Architects' design vocabulary creates the chapter of civilization & cultural environment with a modern approach which is the threshold to reach treasures of architecture, enhancing the urban lifestyle of living

Journey into Architecture

Hardik’s journey into architecture has been an inevitable one, with his childhood experiences of site visits with his father shaping a keen interest in the field. Further motivated by Professor Dhiraj Salhotra, who inspired him to design beautiful spaces, he found himself envisioning a career where this became a reality. These experiences led him to found his own firm, and start translating his design ideas into physical structures to be enjoyed by many. Over the course of time, he gained extensive practical experience on project sites, learning technical details, observing work progress, and learning critical details of designing like reducing material wastage which ultimately helps save costs, and interacting effectively with labor to ensure they can mold design concepts into standing structures perfectly. These experiences have helped him establish a stellar reputation for the firm in a short span, making Hardik Joshi Architects a renowned name in the market.