Home Plus Reality: Empowering Realestate Buyers With Unparalleled Services

Arjun Naik,Founder

Arjun Naik


The growth of Bangalore's real estate market can be attributed to a confluence of factors, chief among them being its rapid infrastructural expansion. As a magnet for IT companies and technological giants, the city has witnessed a relentless demand for commercial office spaces. The first half of calendar 2023 was highest across top eight cities in the county at seven million sq. ft. Against 6.4 million sq. ft. in the corresponding period a year ago, Bengaluru accounted for 27 percent of the total 26.1 million sq. ft. transacted across NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad, as per the market. This surge in commercial real estate goes hand in hand with a parallel demand for residential development. The symbiotic relationship between commercial and residential sectors has significantly propelled the overall real estate growth trajectory.

In the fast-evolving landscape, where digital platforms and technological advancements promise streamlined transactions and effortless investments, one truth remains unwavering – the need for a guiding hand, a trusted partner who understands the nuances of the market. While the allure of ‘broker-less’ platforms may appear irresistible, it is crucial to recognize that real estate investments transcend mere transactions. Every home seeker envisions a haven, a sanctuary, and a sound financial choice. Home Plus Reality believes that real estate demands more than algorithms and automation. A prospective buyer's hard-earned money, often a lifetime's savings, is at stake. This calls for the expert insights, market acumen, and the personalized attention that only a seasoned realtor can provide.

The Best Services
Your search for the perfect home ends here with Home Plus Reality. Home is where the heart is, and at Home Plus Reality is not just a real estate agency; it's a custodian of making dreams reality. The company's approach goes beyond the transactional to the transformative, catering to every facet of a home buying journey.
Its services extend far beyond the realms of a mere sales pitch. With keen commitment, the company walks hand in hand with clients, ensuring every step of the process is a breeze. From understanding the client's unique requirements and offering expert insights into suitable developments, to negotiating prices and facilitating property management, the company’s range of services is comprehensive and unmatched. The company's dedication is evident in its involvement in everything from property management and interior designing to construction and electrical contracting, all under one roof.

The Unique Selling Proposition: Personalization & Expertise
In a market crowded with options, Home Plus Reality recognizes that human interactions are paramount. Each client is more than a statistic; they are individuals with distinct preferences, aspirations, and financial considerations The company’s team of seasoned professionals, each boasting years of industry experience, possesses a deep understanding of real estate. Their product knowledge, coupled with strong developer relationships, empowers them to guide clients seamlessly through the labyrinthine landscape of property acquisition.

Since its inception in 2016, Home Plus Reality's journey has been marked by resilience, adaptability, and growth. Weathering market fluctuations, policy changes, and economic shifts, the company has consistently delivered unparalleled services to its clients. Achieving a steady year-on-year growth rate, it has established itself as a leading channel partner for eminent names in the industry, including Sobha, Assetz Property Group, Century Holdings, Total Environment and many more. “Being the member of BRAI, NAR, FIABCI and CREA(I) Home Plus Reality team upholds high standards of ethical conduct and professional practice providing unbiased reviews with a modest analysis. The company mostly deal with residential & commercial housing, home loan assistance, home decor & interiors, and more”, the Founder shared.

Towards Tomorrow: Expanding Horizons With Customer-Centricity
As Home Plus Reality looks towards the future, its vision is clear - to continue placing customers at the core of its operations. With a roadmap that envisions a team of over 100 property advisors and geographic expansion beyond Bangalore, the company wants to set footprint in Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities. In an era where technology promises convenience, it stands as a beacon of personalized service, expert advice, and dedicated support. The company's legacy is not only the homes it helps clients acquire but also the relationships it forges.

In the grand tapestry of real estate, where the heart meets the hearth, Home Plus Reality weaves a story of empowerment, trust, and the enduring value of the human touch. As the digital landscape evolves, it remains a steadfast reminder that while algorithms might predict trends, it's human expertise that transforms dreams into reality. The Founder, Arjun Naik underscores the importance of a one-to-one interaction. Drawing a poignant analogy, he likens their role to that of a doctor, diagnosing clients' needs and prescribing the perfect solution. His advice to potential clients is clear: Engage, interact, and experience the journey with Home Plus Reality firsthand. It's not just about buying properties; it's about investing in a partnership that ensures dreams are nurtured and realized.