Separator Simplifying the Home Search via Technology Integration & User-Friendly Interface

Dhruv Agarwala, CEO, Mani Rangarajan, CBO,Snehil Gautam, Group Head, Marketing
DhruvAgarwala, CEO,
Mani Rangarajan, CBO

The dawn of 21st century witnessed the emergence of several online portals for real estate buying, selling and renting, ergo adding volumes to boosting real estate sector sales. While browsing, however, selecting the right platform to rely on becomes a puzzling task that further affects the customers’ experience and converts virtual aid into a drawback. Referring to this widening crater between user experience and expectations, DhruvAgarwala(CEO of, & asserts, “Trust, rather the lack of it, has historically been a problem in the real estate sector. Our attempt is to use technology to bring in transparency in a sector which is known for its opaqueness, and simplify the home buying process for the end-user”.

With a vision to become home buyer’s first choice as they set off on their journey to discover, buy, sell, rent or finance a home, entered the web space in 2012 and simplified the home buying process for the millennial users, by strategically investing in advanced technologies over time. Some of its upcoming projects include working
on technologies like NLP, voice search, vernacular content and video listings which will make the home search process even smoother for consumers. Today, is one of the leading real estate platforms in India.

"With, customers have the authority to narrow down their research as the website offers detailed information in each listing comprising of advanced filters"

Making House Search,a Home Discovery
There’s no denying that the power balance with respect to correct market rates and essential home-centric information, lied in the hands of brokers & developers who made information availability difficult. With, however, customers have the authority to narrow down their research as the website offers detailed information in each listing comprising of advanced filters like project price, configuration, possession date, amenities offered, property age & type, locality and neighbourhood details, to name a few. Thus, the platform bridges the information gap through its user-friendly interface. “On our platform, when owners/brokers list their properties, we use geo-verification and other verification methods to add a level of authenticity to the process. Apart from this, users can post their feedback on the listings, based on which we understand if the listing is genuine or not,”adds Mani Rangarajan, CBO,

A Maestro of Technological Innovation
For those webbed in the complex research process, is
certainly the name to reckon with for comprehensive research with easier mechanisms. The platform reduces the home buyers’stress(prevalent during search and transaction process) by constantly innovating and leveraging technology, hence, making buying, selling and renting easier and quicker. “Even small changes on the website are backed by thorough consumer research, ensuring that it results in a positive and better user experience,” states SnehilGautam, Group Head, Marketing, Guided by the philosophy of bringing optimism into the sector, be it through design, color or language used,the team developed arecommendation engine in-house that suggests the best properties to consumers, based on their needs and previous interactions on the platform.

Headquartered in Gurgaon with offices in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Noida, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai& Hyderabad, recently launched a first-of-its-kind product named Realty Vision 2.0 for digitally presenting real estate projects within a simulated environment. An addition to its DigiSlate touch experience, Realty Vision 2.0 integrates touch-screen devices with advanced virtual reality technology and gives customers a conclusive picture of the home they are interested in. Besides,the company is constantly working on theImplementation of voice search, Natural Language Processing(NLP)and other innovative strategies for enhancing the user experience and simplifying the search process.