Hubtown: Where Quality Lifestyle Meets Comfortable Living

Rushank Shah,  Promoter

Rushank Shah


In the past couple of years, the luxury residential segment in India has gained tremendous momentum in sales and activities. Exposure to global designs and décor trends has made buyers in India seek exceptional standards and unique preferences for their bespoke living spaces. Into this space enters 25 South, a project by Hubtown, Mumbai. Hubtown is the country's leading real estate firm with over three decades of experience in this landscape covering residential, commercial, IT, industrial, and infrastructure.

25 South, a project by Hubtown is located in the premium Prabhadevi area of South Mumbai, just 110 meters from the sea and a mere 3 minutes walk from the iconic Siddhi Vinayak temple. It also happens to be the largest freehold land parcel in South Mumbai,meaning there are no SRA components, no tenant or EWS housing, and no public parking. 25 South is bespoke living at its very best. It offers the absolute freedom to craft homes as per the clients' imagination, and not according to the ideas of another. Another leading luxury indicator of this project is that the floor-to-ceiling height is 11'8" which is above par for homes in Mumbai. Besides, the host of luxuries and amenities on offer across three levels and 2.5 acres, there is also the attraction of the mini beach on site, along with a spectacular wave pool.

25 South embraces the highly classical Indian philosophy of the 'Five Great Elements' in its design. This philosophy is the basis of all cosmic creation. These elements which are Prithvi(Earth),Jala(Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu(Air), and Akash(Sky), represent
the core of what the entire universe comprises. "25 South is not just a bouquet of thoughtful shelters woven around ingeniously crafted design innovations, but also a conducive environment for the entire ecosystem", says Rushank Shah from Hubtown. Interestingly, the project has represented Earth through the serene and sylvan neighborhood, which is a peaceful walking distance from Siddhivinayak temple. Jal is encompassed by stunning sea views from every room of every single home. As well as the mini beach on the podium level. 25 South's bespoke and artful Murano crystal glass light installation is a tribute to Vayu. Hand-made and crafted in Italy, this is truly visual poetry depicting maple leaves performing their last ballet of ecstasy, choreographed by the wind. Moreover, Agni is recognized and respected with unique features like silver polish window glasses for sun and heat management as well as large French windows operable on both sides to allow the light of the sun to sparkle through your home. All apartments draw inspiration from Akash, featuring sky villas with the choice of double-height living rooms and open-to-sky decks.

25 South Is Not Just A Bouquet Of Thoughtful Shelters Woven Around Carefully Chosen 25 Design Criteria, But Also A Conducive Environment For The Entire Ecosystem

Having said that, a number of innovative steps have been taken to lower maintenance, while offering high value service. For instance, the exterior facade created in concrete and using Reckli (fire resistant and long lasting) form liners as opposed to glass or aluminum cladding leads to better upkeep of the exterior facade at lower maintenance. Not only that, a sharp think-tank of over 50 professionals is continuously working on newer ways and means to better maintenance. It is an ongoing process.

Furthermore, the success factor behind Hubtown projects is undoubtedly its brilliant team. 25 South has over 50 members, taking care of various divisions such as architecture, engineering, sales, and marketing, which brings extraordinary expertise to the table. Hubtown has two exciting projects on the horizon: '25 West' in Bandra and an uber luxury development underway in Mahalaxmi.