India Warehousing: A Consultative Approach to Choosing the Right Industrial Property

Chetan Dattani,Director
Chetan Dattani, Director

Lacking a structure and well defined rules, the Indian real estate can be a complex road to tread, especially for companies looking to rent or lease industrial properties. Marred by unprofessional brokers/service providers who fail to cater to clients’ needs, the market requires service providers who would usher in transparency, professionalism and trust in the entire process. This is where India Warehousing, a unique real estate portal for industrial properties, comes in. Headquartered in Ahmadabad, the young organization exclusively provides warehouse & industrial property data listing spread across India. Aimed at helping companies, small scale industries and individuals looking for warehouse or industrial property on lease/purchase, the industrial property trailblazer is redefining the rules of the game.

Weeding-Out Unprofessionalism from the System
A major challenge faced by clients looking to rent/buy industrial properties was brokers/service providers showing them fake properties or properties not
matching their specific requirements. Thus, India Warehousing only lists properties that the team has personally verified through site visits. Posting photographs and videos of the property in 'AS IS WHERE IS CONDITION', clients can rest assured that what they see is what they will get.

"India Warehousing only lists properties that the team has personally verified through site visits"

The company also ensures complete transparency in terms of the price being quoted. “We noticed that there was often a difference in terms of the price being quoted initially and the actual expectation of owners,” explains Chetan Dattani, Director, India Warehousing. The trustworthy firm quotes a fare & practical price from the very beginning of a deal thus ensuring a hassle free tarnation experience for clients. The company also lays emphasis on clarifying the nitty gritties in terms of taxes and maintenance, while drawing a contract. Following a checklist, the team ensures that every point that could cause probable conflict or confusion is clarified at the very beginning.

Answering Current & Impeding Client Requirements
The India Warehousing portal that helps clients browse through a plethora of property listings from the comfort of their office or home, which includes warehouse & logistic park builders, developers, investors and individuals.
Highlighting every property's amenities and facilities, the firm answers client inquiries pertaining to multiple properties. Leveraging contemporary technology trends such as mapping of area which shows a great amount of data about the topography of the region, population density & accessibility to city, the company helps clients save time and fuel cost thus making logistics and transportation of goods easier.

Having witnessed a threefold jump in terms of revenues through warehouse consultancy, India Warehousing is looking to launch a new warehousing products and services division which would handle online marketing and sales for warehouse related products and services. “Several clients have been asking us to add warehousing/operations and infrastructure services in our roster of services; therefore we are working on the same,” adds Chetan.

Currently, handling warehouse and logistic park project marketing for the builders & developers, the company is helping them fill-up the park by bringing new companies in the park. What started as a localized business in Ahmedabad is now on the verge of growth, as the company has started receiving property listings from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi and NCR region. With massive PAN India expansion plans in the pipeline, India Warehousing’s future looks bright.