Indiassetz - A Family Office for your Real Estate Wealth

Shivam Sinha,Founder& CEO

Shivam Sinha

Founder& CEO

It all started in 2014. In their day to day work, a group of bankers from Standard Chartered Bank realized they had come across a common customer conundrum. While working in various verticals in banking,they metclients from different walks of life who expressed the dearth of atrusted advice when it came to property investments, and the lack of professional service to manage their real estate wealth.Most customers either did not reside in the city where they had property, or were too busy in their work or personal lives to manage their Real estate wealth. They tended to rely on friends or family, but then the property - as an investment - wasn’t getting priority attention or expert opinion. This is how Indiassetz came into being.

The team of like-minded ex-bankers led by Shivam Sinha had found a common passion, and fortunately for them, this was also a strongneed in the sector. They directed all their energies into
creating a service organization that would act, unbiased, purely representing the client, and partner with them in the entire lifecycle of real estate wealth ownership.

We parallel the experience we offer to that of personal wealth management. After all, investing in real estate is a substantial part of a person’s financial future, and should be treated with the same gravity as money management

“The approach we take is to parallel the experience with that of personal wealth management,” says Shivam. “After all, investing in real estate is a substantial part of a person’s financial future, and should be treated with the same gravity as money management.”

“Our first challenge was to find the initial set of registered clients who understood and appreciated a professionally-run real estate wealth management firm. We began with our friends and family to manage their properties and delivered results. Soon, we acquired references from our registered clients. We are now at 2000 clients including few marquee strategic tie-ups, all acquired through word of mouth!”
Property management services – with trust and dependability
Embracing the importance of long-term relationships with their clients, Indiassetz offers personalized consulting and end to end service at a surprisingly comfortable price – the price you’d be happy to pay to have someone else deal with due diligence, legal work, real estate tax advisory, government liaison, market research, negotiation, tax payments and supervision of maintenance crews.

Indiassetz is presently a 30-member strong team that operates in Bangalore and Hyderabad.“Being a service company, it’s our people that are the secret to happy customers.We are hiring people as we grow, to strengthen our execution network,”says Shivam.

Their client-centric approach and dynamic attitude are determinedly bringing a change in the way real estate wealth is perceived in India. Shivam talks about the future.“We shall soon be expanding our footprint to tier 1 cities across India, and outside, wherever there is Indian diaspora. We aim to have our marketing offices in key markets outside India and continue strengthening our execution network. Another aspect we’re excited about is what technology can bring to the equation. We are investing on a comprehensive and engaging technology platform that will fill a huge white space in the industry.”