Jhanavi Noreste: An Epitome Of Refined, High-Quality, & Green Living Space

 Deepender Sehrawat,   Managing Director

Deepender Sehrawat

Managing Director

With India embarking on its quest towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 as a part of its pledge to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), many sectors of the country have perceptibly embraced sustainability, radically restructuring their business conduct. Inching towards attaining pre-pandemic growth, the real estate domain also stands as one of the primary frontiers of the transition. While urbanization and the rising disposable income of people are driving the development of the landscape, there is also a growing environmental consciousness among consumers, which is, in turn, propelling them to reduce their ecological footprints and invest in green spaces. The shift to green buildings has necessitated developers to strive towards promoting responsible urban development.

In addition, multiple government-led reforms are also accelerating the transformation through the imposition of stringent environmental regulations.

The long-term and transformative impact of green spaces on the real estate sector and the health of the residents cannot be overstated. Besides, there is also a perceptible influence of the revolution on technological and strategic innovations in the domain.

Having said that, along with offering eco-friendly options, it is equally imperative for builders to cater to the customer’s demands for an urban and sensible lifestyle within a quality, spacious, and value-for-money infrastructure. Offering a perfect amalgamation of the aforementioned qualities is Jhanavi Noreste, a one-of-a-kind project of Jhanavi Heights, a prominent construction company based in Bangalore.

Into the Distinctive Projects

Spanning 1.47 acres within a lavish yet nature-surrounded locale, Jhanavi Noreste was planned to carry forward the legacy of its mother company, Jhanavi Heights, renowned for quality construction, contemporary architecture, and impeccable designs. Jhanavi Heights was established in 2012 as the collective endeavor of industry veterans and professionals Deepender Sehrawat, Dilbagh Singh Sehrawat, and Sunder Singh who envisioned bridging the gap between local and A-grade builders.

Initiating its journey with a villa project, the company has burgeoned into the most sought-after real estate partner with a repository of five successfully completed sophisticated projects, with another to be delivered soon, encompassing residential, a plotting, and contract-based commercial RERA-approved projects ranging from 50,000 sq. ft. to 2,00,000 sq. ft. As one of its residential projects, Jhanavi Noreste also embodies all such elements and is designed exclusively for customers who are accustomed to the comforts of a refined and convenient lifestyle but with green home upgrades.

The property features 112 apartment units of 2BHKs as well as 3BHKs, with a starting price of 70 and 80 lakh rupees, respectively. The project’s pricing range is competitive in the market and underpins the founders’ vision. Two-bedroom apartments face east and come in three different sizes, fit for varying family requirements. Three-bedroom units, on the other hand, are north-facing apartments ideal for nuclear families of 4-5 members. 3BHKs comprise dual balconies and one utility space that facilitates cross-ventilation and wellness all within an affordable price bracket, tailored to leverage a good living environment and a promising future for the customer’s children.

While this represents the fool-proof design and construction of the units, Jhanavi Noreste goes a mile further to boost the overall quality of community life through its wide range of amenities spread across approximately 25,000 sq. ft, secured with effective round the-clock security measures.
In order to induce physical rejuvenation, stress reduction, and social connections, the property has a landscaped garden, a clubhouse, a gym, a cricket pitch, a half-basketball court, a multi-purpose court, and a children’s play area. Both children and adults can access their respective well-maintained swimming pools of around 5,000 sq. ft. But the most notable part of all is that Noreste is integrated with smarter multifunctional facilities adaptable to the post-COVID world.

"We have built office cabins for professionals, particularly IT personnel, to utilize for work-from home situations. It will be under the maintenance of our association", specifies Deepender Sehrawat, Managing Director, Jhanavi Heights.

Considering The Genuine Appreciation From Our Customers, We Plan To Use Technologies To Further Embrace The Green Concept, Recognizing Its Catalytic Effect On Our Brand's Success

Striding Towards a Green Revolution

Deepender believes that green projects are the future of the real estate industry and has been striving to uphold its associated benefits in Jhanavi Noreste, a project registered under the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

“Today’s discerning buyers look for eminent brands, premium project quality, and facilities that foster green living. We are focusing on catering to these segments”, shares Deepender. Walking the talk, Jhanavi Noreste has incorporated a multitude of environmentally conscious practices that enhance material, resource, and energy efficiency. Right from fixtures to rainwater harvesting, Jhanavi Noreste has made sure to engineer sustainable construction and infrastructure, which has also been proven to be lucrative to Jhanavi Heights.

“During the planning phase of the project, we collaborated with an IGBC consultant, Neha Vyas from Enverte Consultancy, who has played a pivotal role in upgrading our technologies, conducting staff training, and offering continuous support throughout the construction process. We were also trained on intricate factors, including the processes of material selection, appropriate training for labor, and the use of raw materials to maximize efficiency while preserving natural resources", shares Deepender.

According to him, the guidance of the consultant has also helped the company’s workforce learn to prioritize energy-saving materials to continuously deliver sustainability to customers. The in-house team, led by the visionary leadership of the management team, is appreciated for their operational transparency, versatility, creativity, passion for the craft, complete accessibility, and commitment to perfection, all of which mirror the founding team's values.

Jhanavi Heights, living up to its vision and mission since 2012, has experienced dramatic growth, with revenue increasing over 45-50 times in the last decade, and aims to achieve a turnover of Rs.40 crores by the end of March 2024. The company is currently in the process of launching a premium project within 4 lakh sq. ft. on Kanakapura Road in association with a reputed group, Trishul Builders, headed by Byragani Narender Kumar. Its upcoming project on Kanakapura Road is poised to enhance efficiency by adopting home automation, leveraging technology, and seamlessly integrating various household functions. From smart thermostats that regulate temperature to automated lighting systems that adjust brightness based on occupancy, these innovations streamline tasks and conserve energy. Homeowners can monitor and control appliances, security systems, and irrigation with remote access via smartphones, which can enable predictive maintenance, thereby optimizing resource usage and reducing operational costs.

“Overall, our home automation revolutionizes living spaces, offering unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and sustainability in the modern home", opines Deepender.

With its current focus set on apartments and villas of two crore or more, the venture is geared up to construct around 20,00,000 sq. ft. in the next five years. “Additionally, green projects like ours roll out multiple perks. For example, Maharashtra and Orissa have witnessed up to one-third in their electricity bills. Karnataka is planning to consider giving subsidy on green project in the electricity bills. Additionally, financial institutions and banking sector is also planning to give concession of 25 basis points on home loan to promote green projects.

These are a few advantages we endeavor to offer to our customers", informs Deepender. Wishing to continue doing the same, the company intends to have another 200 green-themed apartments under Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) by March 2024. “Considering the genuine appreciation from our customers, we plan to use technologies to further embrace the green concept, recognizing its catalytic effect on our brand's success", concludes Deepender Sehrawat.