Lisa Home Solutions: Taking Away the Hassles from the Life of Property Owners via Technology

Ratnesh Upadhyay,   CEO
Ratnesh Upadhyay, CEO

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The case is no different for Ratnesh Upadhyay (CEO, Lisa Home Solutions) when he and his colleagues residing in UK were unable to rent their properties in Pune. Security was another concern that kept haunting them. Ratnesh turned towards his friends and family to help in renting, and would connect with agents during weekend when in India. What started as help to a closed group of family and friends transpired into one of the pioneering Property Management companies in India – Lisa Home Solutions. Today, the company provides very comprehensive property management services that ensure all key aspects related to property are taken care of no matter how small it may appear on the surface.

Lisa Home is known for offering tech-savvy property management services that include cleaning, marketing & renting of property, tenant search & profiling, documentation, rent collection, dispute settlement, maintenance, repair, interior design and many more. The company is also known
for introducing many firsts in India
– from introducing the very first online portal for property investors developed 13 years ago, to the recently developed mobile platform ‘PROPSAFE’ that brings all property related information on the investors’ fingertip. “Technology is our backbone, and our experience, products, offers and network have helped us to attain such an envious position,” says Ratnesh. The company has developed industry best practices to serve property holders & investors and has a roaster of services akin to online landlord account, Mobile App, ticketing system, dedicated property managers, and others.

"We understand how to simplify demands of our customers, communicate the same to them and provide them with the best possible offers"

All about Landlords & Investors
Lisa Home initially catered to both tenants and landlords. But things changed when Ratnesh met Rajul Garg (Founder, Global Logic) in 2014. Deeply intrigued with the kind of service that Lisa Home provided to the software NRIs, Rajul suggested to further narrow-down the company’s offering to cater to just landlords. Today, Lisa Home enjoys a monopoly in Pune, generating around 80 percent of the revenue from this segment. It helps investors make more money and protect the asset through dedicated property managers. “The strategy changes based on asset location, duration of lease and others, but the underline fundamental rule always remains
the same,” adds Ratnesh. Lisa Home provides five service packages to cater to every need of landlords at the best prices – from Core Renting Solutions for entry level investors to Total Investor Solutions for professional investors, delivered on three fronts – safety of asset, RoI, and hassle-free management.

Investors always look for better RoI either in the form of rent or resale value. Lisa Home’s years of experience helps it understand their challenges, aspiration and goals better than others. “We understand how to simplify demands of our customers, communicate the same to them and provide them with the best possible offers,” asserts Ratnesh. Run by software engineers, the company is working on AI to improve the RoI of premises and has developed mobile app that enables landlords to manage everything on it.

“My background of working on big software infrastructure projects enabled me to put together a team of highly enthusiastic and creative software guys who developed very simple but effective utilities that ultimately helped in providing a seamless experience to our valuable customers,” concludes Ratnesh. With such dedicated services, the firm is growing continuously at a good pace, witnessing doubled revenue in last two years and is aiming to manage more than 50,000 properties spread across five cities by 2023.