Mana Projects: Built With A Vision To Establish A Lifestyle Inspired By Nature

  Kishore Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director

Kishore Reddy

Chairman & Managing Director

As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is Naturally, our whole lives revolve around building a great life, which can be spent in a comfortable and beautiful home. People spend their entire lives savings for a house where they see themselves spending all their time, and making memories to last forever. With such high stakes in emotionally and financially residing in houses, people deserve the best of the best. While there is a rat race in the real estate sector, finding the right one who can help you through this journey is always a challenge. Based out of Bengaluru, Mana Projects understand the dreams of the customers and their vision behind investing in every construction project. Bringing people homes worth living in, Mana Projects does not simply construct buildings, but creates a space where people can relax and enjoy their time, and forget the stress of the world. Incorporating natural elements with advanced engineering and architectural elements, every project undertaken by the firm, whether residential or commercial, serves to create an experience.

The real estate sector in India is on an ever-increasing and ever-growing trajectory. By 2025, there will be a 15–18 million square foot rise in the need for data center space in the real estate market. Due to expanding urbanization and rising household income, residential property demand has skyrocketed. Mana Projects, focusing on quality over quantity is a significant player in the industry with the mission to go above and beyond expectations in terms of responsive design.

Uniquely Positioned in the Industry
Mana Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a manifestation of over two decades of hard work and strong aspirations. Established in 2000, Mana offers disruptive thinking and constantly challenges the norm with new ideas. These traits, unique to the firm, have been the key to offering and creating developments ‘ahead of time’ every time. “Our well-organized working methods, extensive market presence, strong and diverse portfolio, streamlined manufacturing capabilities, and cost-effectiveness give us the edge to not just compete but rise above the competition” shares Kishore Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director.

Mana Projects is backed by a team of four Directors including Kishore Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director, Dr. PV Sesha Redd, Director (Admin), A. Shyam Prasad, Director (Projects), and Ms. D.Neeraja Reddy, Promoter Director. The combined efforts, skills, leadership, and innovation of these four along with a hardworking and tenacious team has helped the company solidify its presence in the real estate segment, and emerge as a force to reckon with.

Overcoming Challenges
Mana started out modest and during the first year (2000 – 2001), the business completed only one project. Initially, the business did not operate on a number of projects concurrently rather, after one was finished, the firm moved on to the nextone. The firm's operations and functions gradually improved, but when the real estate market was rocked by the 2008 crisis and the recession, Mana was forced to suspend operations for around two to three years and was compelled to engage on certain contractually based projects during this time in various industries, including infrastructure, roads, rails, and so forth.

“Mana reached a crossroads in 2011. We just wanted to do something unique and unheard
of after the recession because we didn’t want to be like usual builders. We wanted to make a difference with our distinctive architecture, we wanted to stand out”, adds Kishore Reddy.

Upon conducting indepth research about the lifestyle of a resident of Bengaluru, understanding the needs and wants of the market, the firm deduced that there was a demand for a front yard and a back yard in an independent house where the residents could incorporate nature straight into their house. However, given the population density of the region, it seemed like a rather impossible task, and the firm found that not even the most established real-estate developers were working on something like this.

Brainstorming the best ways in which this sort of a lifestyle could be incorporated into flats at a time when highrises and vertical towers were becoming the trend, Mana came up with the ingenious concept of building high rise buildings which included amenities and landscapes. The firm incorporated landscape balconies in the initial projects, and positive response and acceptance of these led to the firm going one step further and implementing systems like drip irrigation, and many more.

Mana Projects concentrates on making projects more futuristic and precise because the team realizes that for the vast majority of consumers, this is an investment that will only be made once

Market Reception
“Mana Projects Pvt. Ltd. has a reputation for delivering and handing over projects on time and ahead of schedule. We have never delayed a project over the last 20 years, which is otherwise unheard of in the industry. The simple strategy that we generally use is to maintain two completion timelines: one for RERA and another for internal targets", further adds Kishore Reddy.

Today, the firm is able to correctly track the number of days it will take to complete a project based on the milestones and the style of construction it is adopting by effectively implementing multiple time tables. The company can also define two milestones and carry out reverse engineering based on that. Following the identification of the crucial checkpoints, Mana runs a backward calculation to determine minute execution plans along with the completion deadlines while the company works on parallel execution.

Secondly, every product the company utilizes, including tiles, doors, and fixtures is ISO certified. Additionally, each raw material required to complete a project will undergo quality checks and several onsite tests. A product can only be utilized onsite it passes the tests otherwise, it will be sent back, guaranteeing that the customer will receive only high quality final product.

Unique Propositions
“Mana’s core differentiators are conceptual selling, more greenery, understanding the buyer’s needs, addressing the buyer’s expectations, customer satisfaction, distinctive landmark projects, ontime delivery, and quality work. We don’t just build apartments; we build concepts where people will want to live in a conceptual apartment where the developer has taken their requirements into account”, shares Kishore Reddy.

The company concentrates on making projects more futuristic and precise because the team realizes that for the vast majority of consumers, this is an investment that will only be made once. Mana Projects as a whole is aware of the necessity to predict technology and future developments five to ten years in advance. The company has worked tirelessly to achieve the goal of creating spaces where the best engineers come together to build these magical environments using the clients’ imaginations. The firm has made its mark over the years with its vision, attention to detail, and intelligent technology implementation.

Every one of Manas projects offer a range of advantages since the firm focuses strongly on five important features including Space, Imagination, Engineering, Design, and Nature. As a nature first firm, Mana’s spaces are a reflection of the core concept of integrating more natural elements circling around the Earth’s verdant biodiversity. The firm goes beyond simply offering communal gardens and harnesses the right technology to bring these features into your living room. Butterfly parks and ecoponds in outdoor premises and flowering forests in the home are part of the MANA living experience. The firm’s designs are creatively engineered to bring life to imagination while erecting structurally resilient space-smart, contemporary, practical, and innovative homes. With uniqueness woven into every idea and concept designed by Mana, for the years to come, the firm is on the right track to become a world renowned entity in the real estate segment.