Meaven Designs: Design that Consolidates Tradition with Innovation

By Biswajit Dash, Ahmed Hussain & Ravi Kumar Bhargaw, Co-FoundersThe company is vaunted for the unique interior designing and decorating services it bestows. Its designs are the perfect amalgamation of creativity, originality, and utility, portraying perfect grandeur and simplicity. Its farreaching services are delegated to four defined categories such as Residential, Commercial, Restaurant and Café. Based on the type of environment and requirement the company crafts out the most appropriate and benefitting solution.To have a price understanding about the need of its clients, the company bands together with them, pool ideas and thought and think up amazing patterns. “The motif of Meaven Designs is not to just construct structures but to shape spaces that serve the purpose. We take the responsibility of designing and decorating the space with movables, fittings, decorative items and others. We intend to create a living space that speaks about your personality and ideology. Never theless, we aspire to make the entire process of designing, interior decoration and building the dream space an easy and congenial one,” he says.

The Indian interior designing industry has seen a remarkably boom in the recent years. The developments and transformations taking place is expected to take it to another
level, making it into a US$ 1,138 Million market by 2021. Any how, this expansion is also accompanied by a number of deterrents that are substantial impacting the smooth sailing of the interior designing manoeuvres. Considering the general run of things, gogetters are attracted towards this domain owing to evolving nature. But here we have the story of three dynamic friends, Biswajit Dash, Ahmed Hussain& Ravi Kumar Bhargaw who perceived the propitious aspect of this line of business and had thought closely about its disorganized structure. The trio decided to take the initiative and brought to existence the Meaven Designs, an interior designing studio that puts forward a comprehensive interior design and decorating service for Residential, Commercial, Restaurants and Cafe. Their main object of the exercise was to putto rights the glitches that pertained in the ecosystem.

Meaven Designs contemplates to sync with all the shareholders in order to make sure that its endeavours are striding towards the right direction

“The industry is enduring certain flaws such as ontime delivery and authentic dealings. These faults are serving barriers in the rapid development of the space, putting restrictions on the heightening of the enterprises as well. We figured out that the only way to progress and benefit in this domain is to first fixing the short comings and increase the limitations. And with all intention and purpose we are endeavouring to overhaul the sector through Meaven,”narrates Biswajit Dash, Co-Founder, Meaven Designs.

To maintain perfection in each of its venture the company coheres to the core values where it resolves to maintain Customer Wow Genuine and Quality Products On-time Delivery, Workmanship Excellence, Value for Money, Creativity & Integrity and many other such rules of conducts. The end of view to act in accordance with these ethics is to remove the false notion people have regarding the functionality of the interior designing industry. Meaven Designs’ purpose is to be a shining exemplar of how a interior designing company can be credible enough to trusted with the responsibility of designing one’s dream house.

In the fullness of time, Meaven Designs contemplates to sync with all the shareholders in order to make sure that its endeavours are striding towards the right direction.