Merahandyman: NRI's One-Stop-Shop Property Management Solution Provider

Kalyan Raman,   Director
Kalyan Raman, Director

Despite the global slowdown, the Indian real estate sector has always flourished, making it one of the best havens for the NRIsto own a property either as investment or for post-retirement purpose. However, there are several conundrums these NRIs witness while investing, renting-out or selling their property, such as difficulty in managing property or finding the right tenant who will cause no damage to their property.

Having experienced the same dilemmas, Kalyan Raman(Director)founded Merahandyman in 2017 that acts as an organization just like their man-Friday with clients to simplify their life and maximize returns while managing their properties. “At Merahandyman,we ensure that the properties of our clients are always kept in a serviceable and usable condition, and we command the appropriate appreciation their properties deserve,” says Kalyan. This Bangalore-based firm also provides updated map of the real estate canvas and safe-guards the client’s investments.

NRI-Centric Solutions
Taking care of matters pertaining to authentic tenant search and agreement, safety of the unoccupied property, financial
decision involving lots of paperwork & transaction and many more, the firm simplifies the process of acquiring, maintaining or selling properties for the expats. Services offered by the firm include tenant management (tenant verification & agreement, tenant management – Luxe, tenant management – Basic and tenant vacating inspection), property monitoring (Luxe, Basic, Once and tenant vacating inspection), buying / selling assistance(encumbrance certificate, khata consulting, and legal opinion) and utility services (water bill payment, electricity bill payment, and many more).

"At Merahandyman, we ensure that the properties of our clients are always kept in a serviceable and usable condition, and we command the appropriate appreciation their properties deserve"

But what makes the firm stand apart is its annual retainer services, which are similar to the service offered by the tenant management companies of U.S. /Europe. Annual retainer services include research for the history and past management records of the properties and cover all reference able equipment and inventory, ensuring continuity of safe usage of the property for the tenants in the future. Merahandyman utilizes property expert carpenter, plumber, electrician and painter to further enhance the property’s value and maintain their standard.

The Story of Merahandyman
Living in the US for six years and remotely managing his own property in India during his stay, Kalyan comprehends the concerns of NRI property owners crystal clear. His understanding of primary concerns like time, cost, scope, risk
and exposure, which impact the existing rental or lease agreement, enables Merahandyman to provide reasonable amount of predictability in the unorganized sector of NRI property management in India. To consolidate its services, Merahandyman has also tied-up with firms like House Joy (services), Guarented (rental appliances) and Furlenco (rental furniture). “We first understand our client’s needs and after doing a deep analysis, we cater to their specific requirements with most suitable and effective solution,” states Kalyan. With such approach, Merahandyman effortlessly handles multivendor co-ordination, work execution, legal documentation or compliance /statutory /regulatory issues for its clients. Working closely with companies like Santa Fe & IOS Relocations, the firm also ensures smooth returning and settling-down of its expat clients.

In order to stay abreast with the changing trends, Merahandyman keeps constant connection with its peer fraternity and leverages their associations with BRAI Bangalore and NAR National. The firm also expects guidelines to be set by the government on the lines of RERA and standardizing U.S./European terms like Retainer Services, Estate/Succession planning for simplifying and organizing the property management industry in India with terminology and expectations that Indian NRIs are familiar with. Witnessing double revenue growth every six months, Merahandyman currently focuses on surging ahead with an aim to stand amongst one of the top property managers across the world in the coming future.