Mermaid Swimming Pools: Leading the Charge in Bringing World Class Swimming Pools to India

 Zhayynn James,  Business Head

Zhayynn James

Business Head

As summer sets in, vast parts of the Indian subcontinent endure the scorching heat and the temperature even rises up to 50 degree Celsius. Global warming and increased pollution have only added to the woes. A dip in the pool is the ultimate comfort and refreshment from the searing summer heat. Swimming indeed is not only a haven amidst the summer heat, but a fun-filled and highly effective cardio vascular workout for people across all age groups. Modernizing swimming pools for its fitness benefits as well as its aesthetic appeal is in vogue across the Indian homes, resorts, and hotels. Serving the intention of designing such requirement specific world class swimming pools in India for the past 45+ years is Mermaid Swimming Pools, a frontier in revolutionizing the swimming pool industry in India through its modern designs, sophistication, and world class equipment.

Rewinding four decades, Mermaid ventured out at a time when the swimming pool industry in India was still in its infancy and realized that the world class designs necessitate world class equipment. To fulfil this objective, Mermaid studied international pool market and partnered with globally leading manufacturers of world class products that were previously unprecedented in the Indian market. The launch of Emaux (a brand with presence in over 100 countries), the world’s finest filtration equipment in India
is one of the prime examples of Mermaid leading the charge in refashioning the swimming pool industry in India. Emaux’s state-of-the-art research facility in Australia is at the forefront of Research & Development in water treatment.

Mermaid with its PAN-India presence was also the first to launch ‘above ground pools’ in India in 1998; thanks to its partnerships with companies like Stern Pools and Mountfield. Stern Pools, the industry standard in Australia and the AsiaPacific for more than four decades now, is renowned across the world for its obsessive attention to detail and impeccable quality standards, while Mountfield is Europe’s largest manufacturer of ‘Instant’ swimming pools with a staggering 20,000 pools per year record. Another feather was added to Mermaid’s cap when it opened India’s first exclusive pool showroom in Chennai in 2001.

As leaders in the swimming pool industry, we constantly push the boundaries in aesthetic and technical parameters and provide the most comprehensive solutions to our clientele

Comprehensive Offerings
“As leaders in the swimming pool industry, we constantly push the boundaries in aesthetic and technical parameters and provide the most comprehensive solutions to our clientele. This ranges from design to MEP design consultancy,” asserts Zhayynn James, Business Head, Mermaid Swimming Pools. He adds, “We are acutely aware of the need to balance aesthetic requirements with environmental sensitivities, especially water as a precious resource. To maintain this equity, we partner with our principals, combining our expertise & their technology to provide empathetic solutions to our clientele”. For all the projects that it undertakes, Mermaid also commits to maintenance for a stipulated period, and within this time, it imparts the necessary skills to end-customer/designated representative to get familiarized with the usage & maintenance of their pool.

Over the decades, the promptness and commitment to quality have enabled Mermaid to implement several stellar projects such as the Radison Blu Temple Bay, the longest resort pool in Asia, Ocean Spray, an idyllic luxury resort with the enchanting beauty of five acres spanning man-made lake, and Infosys campus in Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad & Trivandrum. Mermaid has been growing at a phenomenal rate of 15.76 percent over the last five years. The company is excited about its future prospects and looks forward to being instrumental in creating a positive impact in the industry.