Monarch Aqua: Lakefront Luxurious Living With A Blend Of Comfort & Shopping

The real estate industry, always brimming with dynamic innovations of design and vision is a fiercely competitive space, demanding consistent creativity with a focus on practicality. Catering to the changing demands of the populace while creating an inclusive space, suitable for people of all ages is a challenge not many builders are able to conquer easily. Bringing a luxurious lifestyle to the masses, full of modern amenities that fulfill the desires of the old and the young alike is tricky and one at which most fall short.

Bangalore's Monarch Group, founded in 1988, has been leading the industry as an innovator and visionary, amalgamating the best of amenities, quality, and structure into every one of its projects. Unveiling a brand new project- the Monarch Aqua, the company is elevating luxurious lifestyle in Bangalore with these remarkable 2 and 3 BHK lakefront apartments, epitomizing luxury, sustainability, and modern living with a focus on eco-friendly practices.
  Mohammed Dawood,    Chairman & MD

Elegance of Design

Featuring stunning views of K. R. Puram Lake, the elegant, contemporary style of Monarch Aqua places a high value on luxurious amenities and ecological sustainability. With its sustainable elements, fixtures, and rainwater collection features, this project has earned a pre-certification (Gold) awarded by the Indian Green Business Council. A multi-sports arena, mini-theater, indoor gaming area, and squash court are among the recreational facilities available.

The project also offers amenities for improved health and well-being of residents including a pet park, yoga terraces, jogging paths, and more. Furthermore serving the residents' social and economic needs are the business centre, banquet area, and party areas. For security, the property features separate visitor entrances and CCTV monitoring. There are also wheelchair-accessible areas, child-friendly swimming areas, and other family-friendly features here.

“At Monarch Group we focus on creating environmentally as well as socially sustainable developments, embracing innovative construction technologies, and maintaining high quality standards. Our customer centric approach circles around ensuring that people residing in these developments will have easy access to all necessities and amenities. We strive to promote comfortable living, and this is exactly what this project entails”, shares Mohammed Dawood, Chairman and MD, Monarch Group.

The campus offers a vast and diverse assortment of leisure and sporting opportunities to meet a wide range of interests and active lifestyles. It features a variety of entertainment alternatives, including a skating area, immaculate landscapes that are regularly manicured, and an open-air place for gatherings, in addition to a well equipped club and adaptable multi-sports center.

Among the leisure and wellness facilities are a peaceful yoga deck, a running track, plus a massage center. Homeowners may also enjoy squash and fun-filled game nights along with swimming and golfing. For everyone's peace of mind, the estate is outfitted with surveillance cameras, a video door phone framework, access-controlled
entries and hallways, visitor entrances that are distinct from the main entry, and 24-hour security. These cutting-edge elements produce a safe and energetic living space.

With a strategic development plan in place, the Monarch Group has established a special position for itself within India’s real-estate industry. As a distinctive player catering to both residential as well as corporate infrastructural needs, Monarch is backed by 35+ years of experience in delivering excellence. As the company gears up to divulge into the next phase of its growth, it is making remarkable strides in diversifying its portfolio while remaining adaptable to market dynamics. Embracing innovation and sustainability, the company is set to introduce groundbreaking initiatives across its projects in the coming years.

In line with the growing demand for sustainable living, the firm is incorporating several exciting amenities and features like Electric Car Charging Ports as a standard feature in all upcoming projects. This step promotes the use of electric vehicles, encouraging eco-friendly transportation methods within the community. Moreover, the integration of Green Solar Energy Production in future developments aims to significantly reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources, advancing towards a greener and more sustainable energy model.

We Focus On Creating Environmentally As Well As Socially Sustainable Developments, Embracing Innovative Construction Technologies, & Maintaining Highquality Standards

The company's commitment to innovation extends to its design principles which is evident from the fact that the Monarch Group plans to employ Parametric and Computational Design methodologies to craft buildings that are resource-efficient and energy-saving. This forward-thinking approach underscores its dedication to environmentally conscious architecture and construction.

Additionally, the organization is aligning its operations with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. By adopting these principles, it ensures responsible and sustainable business practices, fostering a positive impact on the environment and society at large.

Future Roadmap

Looking ahead, the company is spearheading various ambitious projects that will propel its growth and recognition on a global scale. These include a sprawling 3.5-acre development on Bellary Road, a 40-acre township in the scenic Nandi Hills, and a significant 3-acre School Campus near Harrows School in Bettanahalli. Furthermore, expanding its horizons, the firm is venturing into the Middle East market, marking a strategic move toward international growth and expansion.

With a visionary outlook and a steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation, The Monarch Group is paving the way for a future characterized by eco-consciousness and responsible development, setting new benchmarks in the industry.