Natura India: Transforming The Urban Landscape From Grey To Green

Abishek Thomas,Director & COO

Abishek Thomas

Director & COO

Demographic shifts and lifestyle changes are creating new opportunities in the gardening and landscaping industry across the world. Office space and apartments used to be designed mainly from an occupancy point of view, but over the last few years, people have been craving to reconnect with nature again, and employers and developers have recognized this need. Developers and government organizations should utilize their terraces and vertical surfaces to recreate the greenery taken over by the footprint of their developments.

A more health-conscious and wellness approach to lifestyle and plants significantly impacts the human psyche. Founded in 2017 with a solid zeal for creating better breathing environments, Natura India delivers end-to-end interior and exterior landscape and plant maintenance services ranging from high-performance Green walls, Vertical gardens, FRP planters, Designer Moss Walls, and customized solutions to its clients.

Customers want low maintenance systems and water requirements while having a lush green space in their surroundings. Natura’s in-house design team looks at every customer requirement with a new set of eyes and always provides a solution for potential challenges. For customers not keen on maintenance, the company has introduced Moss walls and moss art to bring in a maintenance-free biophilic impact.
It has also developed a unique plant media mix that consumes ten times lesser water than regular soil, and its Green Wall systems also offer up to 16 plants per square foot. Combining these two elements ensures that a client has the maximum amount of greenery without compromising on space and maintenance. “Natura’s vision is to create better breathing environments through Biophilic experiences and, in turn, helping to improve the efficiency and wellness of people in general", shares Abishek Thomas, Director & COO, Natura India.

Bringing Wellness through Green Spacing
Natura has a solution for every customer, whether corporate, bungalow, apartment, or hotel owner. Its products and services have numerous benefits; carefully selected air purification plants improve indoor air quality by filtering the air, and its flagship products are coir-based eco-friendly plant features improving overall building health, perfect for sustainable development projects. Natura has a solid in-house knowledge base from design, horticulture, and execution to maintenance enabling it to customize and offer each client the best solution. The company also automizes irrigation systems to reduce the requirement of human intervention, and its in-house maintenance team comprising professional horticulturists and gardeners provides the best possible car for plant-based systems. “One of our core philosophies at Natura is to always deliver to the client as promised and on
time”, shares Abishek.

Natura’s unique media mix, proprietary green wall system, pre-planting, and acclimatization techniques, and professional plant-based approach are unique services it offers. It helped numerous corporate clients deal with tight deadlines in turnarounds and a recent example is where Natura placed over 1600 plants in 12 hours for a Bangalorebased client. Its maintenance team is always on call for any sudden requirements and emergencies. Its experience and know-how make it agile and flexible in catering to its customer’s needs.

One of our core philosophies at natura is to always deliver to the client as promised and on time

Natura is an ambitious company and will be spreading its wings Pan-India soon. It has implemented customized CRM systems to achieve these goals and partnered with top-of-theline consultants to help drive its growth. Natura’s mission is to enable its customers to enjoy their spaces with the best and most maintenance-friendly planting systems.