New York Engineers: One of the Fastest Growing Engineering Design Firms in the US

Anuj Srivastava, Managing Director

Anuj Srivastava

Managing Director

Having set to drive the future, engineering & constructions laws in the US are extremely stringent. But we still have much to be optimistic, as ‘Digital’ is revolutionizing the industry and helping us imagine, create, and build the spaces, structures, and cities of tomorrow. Alongside, the tech solutions like Building Information Modeling(BIM)open-up the doorway to design optimization, operational efficiencies, material optimization, and faster turnaround time, in-turn resulting in cost reduction, time saving, and improvements in profit margins. Living up to these expectations and setting new benchmarks in the US’ construction & engineering realm have been the success recipe for New York Engineers(NYE)to emerge as one of the country’s fastest growing engineering design firms.

Based out of New York and while existing as a pack of passionate design engineers who boast of their cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the US market, NYE offers a comprehensive range of BIM and Virtual Design Construction(VDC) services. This includes everything from Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing(MEP) and Fire Protection (FP) designing to Bill of Quantity Shop Drawings & Construction Cost Estimation, Construction Administration and Building Commissioning.

“We understand the industry from both our clients’ perspective, as well as from the laws & regulatory standpoint,” adds Anuj Srivastava, Managing Director, New York Engineers(India). Given that the fastpaced
US construction industry, which is known for its regulatory intricacies, the project contractors usually fail to even fathom what it takes for an approval. “We offer our assistance, starting right from there,” he adds.

A Holistic Experience

Having signatures on paper only opens-up a new world of challenges, especially the unanticipated predicaments during construction. This is precisely where the proactive approach of NYE plays its part. With its BIM services, using Autodesk Revit, Navisworks NYE runs infrastructure clash detection & coordination algorithms in advance. Hence, all the potential predicaments are highlighted well-before getting down to the ground. In addition, the virtual designs also make design & cost optimization a lot more effective and easier. Needless to say, this saves a priceless amount of stress and time, along with money.

We understand the industry from both our clients’ perspective, as well as from the laws & regulatory standpoint

It’s appreciable the way the company goes that extra mile to fine tune the final outcome, using technology. For instance, NYE recently accomplished one of the most challenging design projects in New York a hospital for Cancer treatment. Given the intricacy of building the facilities, the project consisted of multiple consultants. NYE engaged Autodesk BIM 360, which enables all the consultants to simultaneously work on a single model through cloud, and interestingly, the project never had any surprise element during the execution. By allocating a single point of contact to the clients and using technologies like VR to provide them with a sense of the building before even breaking the ground, NYE always strives to compliment the experience.

Towards A Bright Future

Came into existence in 2012 with just couple of people on board, NYE today is a 50 people strong organization. The inception of Indian office has been a catalytic milestone in its growth trajectory. It has also established an office in Chicago, wearing the name: Chicago Engineers. Going forward, the company bets high on Data Science, anticipating benefits, including easier permits by ideally timing the pitches.

“We anticipate a future that will engage technologies like Augmented Reality, 3D Point Cloud Technology, and Survey Drones to drastically improve the client experience, as well as save cost & time”, says, Anuj. The India blueprints of NYE include bridging the skills gap through training and development and in turn make engineers construction ready. The discussions are on the go.