NMD Interiors: Lending Sustainability to Your Designs!

By Niraj Mehta ,   FounderSolapur-based NMD Interiors is ardently striding towards contriving a hardy and aesthetic space for people to live in. The company specialises in four distinct verticals.i.e. Interior Design Consultation, Sustainable Design Research and Design Support. The remarkably blends passion and personality with design build up dwellings that sheathe the residential, healthcare and corporate space requirements.

The corner stone of this leading organization is laid by Niraj Mehta who embarked on the idea of amalgamating creativity and technology to bring about dynamic and innovative designs. In the main, NMD Interiors s proficiently handles turnkey projects, 3D Design Modelling and Site supervision. “With multiple style options, décor, lighting and materials alternatives, our aim is to make your residences and offices the best. NMD Interiors essentially reflects a new-age vision that is dynamic and sincere in its application of knowledge,” says Niraj Mehta, Founder, NMD Interiors.

As an interior designing wizard, Niraj did get the drift of what the industry actually needs to upgrade itself. That is when he came forth with new age vision and innovations such as 3Dprinting and Laser Cutting. Availing these state-of-the-art technologies the company is devising neoteric products and concepts to innovate breathtaking Residential, Commercial, Retail and other infrastructures. Sustainable Design, Creative Lighting,
Renovation & Remodelling, and Workplace Consultancy are some of the services and solutions NMD Interiors proffers.

The most fascinating attribute about NMD Interiors is that it conceptualizes interior spaces by abiding by the motto of ‘Reuse & Recycle’. The company has set out with the objective of reusing all old available materials, permute these and use it in styling the new interiors. “We take special care to make sure that the materials we use or the furnishings we opt for do not contribute to carbon footprint, degrading the quality of our environment. Optimum space utilization, functional design, recycled furniture, ecofriendly raw materials, and with zero wastage are the key features of our sustainable design practices,” he asserts.

With its main focus on energy-efficient interiors, NMD Interiors incorporates innovative products and concepts that are simply stunning and often outshine the industry standards

NMD Interiors observes some constructive procedures to give homes and offices the perfect look. The team plays a major role here as it remains in constant touch with the clients to grab their nerve of requirements. It allows the customer to choose product of their choice from the digital library. To make sure the entire project is executed within a reasonable budget the company opts to shop from the local markets to cut down all the unnecessary expenses. Before initiating the final procedure, it creates a 3D model of the final designed homes/ offices with the preferred materials. It is only after multiple sessions of discussion the ultimate cost and design is considered. “We have a profound system of working where we evaluate each and every requirement of the client be it their choice, budget or expectations. We do make sure that nothing goes squandered nor money neither materials so we present a model that is almost 80 percent in a fit state,” he avers.

Towards The Future
The company is working towards not just to create beautiful looking spaces, but aesthetically soothing, soulful and sustainable dwellings. Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously and has earned a number of accolades where it is also awarded by the Quality Brand Council with the ‘National Industrial Excellence'honour. “We are launching an app in the coming month which will help our clients with to track their project through on-site reporting. We are also looking to add more verticals within interior design-interior branding and interior products which are a signature collection of NMD Interiors,” he concludes.